Wednesday, October 8, 2008

:: Weekly planning ::

So I realized I've sorta been slacking in my fitness regime ever since the sprained ankle. Quite honestly, even now at certain angles my ankle still feels "off". I wonder if it'll ever be at 100% again. Regardless, I am trudging on. I realized my goal of 140 lbs is getting pretty bleak for Dec 31st at the rate I'm going. I think I'm going to settle for between 140-150 lbs realistically speaking. So there's so much I want to do in my weekly workouts... kettlebells, running maintenance, yoga, group classes... but so little time. I've decided to do my stuff in 2-week cycles so I still get to try everything I like. No more crazy double workouts daily but I'll do some of that here and there. Time to get back in the swing of things!!! Will begin officially next week when "recovery week" is over.

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