Saturday, July 26, 2008

:: Day 41 - Summary ::

7:00am Morning run 4.0 miles, 51 mins, 600 cal burnt
1:00pm Scrubbing the bathrooms and kitchen tiles
3:15pm Kb Max VO2, 10 mins, 120 cal burnt

I love Saturdays. Mikee and I will spend the mornings together doing some form of physical activity and then head out to the farmer's market together. Today, we decided to do a bit of an endurance and run 4.0 miles. I know that's noting compared to what Derek runs but it was an achievement for us - the most we've ever run! And we felt pretty strong after that! My mum heard about my predicament with the heart rate monitor and bought one for herself, but "loaned" it to me until I figure things out. Thanks mum!!!

Kb Max VO2: Work sets w/12kg
7 snatch R, 15 sec work,
15 sec. rest
7 snatch L, 15 sec work,
15 sec rest
x 10 sets = 10 min. total
Calories burned: 120 cal, HRm 175 HRa 169

snack 1: vege fruit drink (shared with Mikee)
2 carrots, 1 fuji apple, 1 granny smith, ginger, 1/2 broccoli, handful of blueberries. Mucho more delicious than the last 2 drinks I made. Thanks to increase in apples and decrease in broccoli. You have to do what you have to do so that your husband will consume it.

snack 2 Leftover vege drink, 1/2 cup of strawberry kefir (Found it at Trader JOe'! YUM!!!)

Main meal: Korea House with Steve & Nan
Romaine lettuce, soon dobu (spicy tofu stew), fish cakes, seaweed, pickled vegetables, some of Mikee's bbq beef, 2 tsp of rice

Dessert at Frozo's Frozen yougurt: I was good and only had 1/2 cup


:: Max VO2 ::

I checked in with Susan today and after our long chat, I was determined to try out the Max VO2 snatch protocol (developed by Kenneth Jay ). This blog entry by Mark Reifkind lays out the steps in determining your snatch cadence. I decided it was time to determine mine. I got Mikee to do the counting for me and my snatch cadence with the Isabelle (26lb) is at 26. Man, Susan was SPOT ON with her prediction!!! My heartrate got up to a maximum of 184 ish. Holy guacamole.

This is what it can look like in a real test:

Anyways, this also means I can now start on the 15:15 Max VO2 snatch protocol. I'll need to accomplish 6-7 snatches every 15 seconds, Rest 15 seconds, and then repeat. And I have to do this a minimum of 10 cycles.

Wish me luck!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

:: Day 40 - Summary ::

Activities: BAH! I've misplaced my HRM and totally demoralized! :(
6am bootcamp - Ladder training with weights. Those burpees are killers but I think i'm steadily improving! On the other hand, I am sooo sore.

Breakfast: Vege/fruit drink share with Aylin
2 carrots, 2 apples, 1 head of broccoli, ginger, soy whey, milk, water and ice. Yum. This time, Aylin took 3 hours to finish her glass of juice. She blames it on the broccoli.

Live veges and fruits to share with Aylin
Blueberries, carrot sticks, organic light cheese strings

Dinner: Pho

Raw beansprouts, boiled chicken, grilled chicken, pho


Thursday, July 24, 2008

:: Day 39 - Summary ::

20 min random KB; not a very active day

Breakfast: Vege/fruit drink share with Aylin
2 carrots, 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 head of broccoli, ginger, water and ice. No protein today because I didnt work out in the morning. Definitely not as yummy as yesterday's but it totally filled me up... burp.

Lunch, shared with Aylin:

Carrots, Snap peas, blueberries, raspberries, hard-boiled eggs

Dinner @ Frank's
Salad(this I filled up on at home), D's grilled chicken breasts, S's white bean dip, tofu casserole, "FOBs on the boat", quinoa, pumpkin cheesecake


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:: Day 38 - Summary ::

Activities: Approx 900 cal burnt
6am 64 mins bootcamp: sandbox training. Argh - so tiring!! 606 cal burnt, HRa 143 HRm 169
9pm 20 mins power non-stop kettlebell w/ Isabelle (26lb):
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 1 burpie
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 2 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 3 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 4 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 5 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 6 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 7 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 8 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 9 burpies
10 double hand swings, 10R, 10L, 10 burpies
I hate burpies.

Vege + Fruit Drink: 1 carrot, 1/2 apple, a few pieces of broccoli, grated ginger, soy whey, 2 strawberries. Ok I know I shouldnt be counting calories but one serving of this amazing drink is only 120 calories!!!

My MIL is out of town and graciously loaned me her vita-mix blender (the one you see in costco) and wow it made a HUGE difference in the consistency of the shake. It tasted so much better! :)

Lunch: (shared with Aylin)
sugar snap peas, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, 1 stick of light organic string cheese, raw almonds

1. green salad 2. flank steak with tomatoes 3. chicken breast 4. A spoon of rice from Mikee's leftover burrito

TJ's Soy Orange Bar

:: Week 5 weigh- in ::

UPDATE: Overall & Weekly Leaders:
1st: JoJo
2nd: X
3rd: Y
Honorable mention: Z
Victory dance! i'm in the lead! i'm in the lead!

Weighed-in at 184 lbs, down 4 from last week! woohoo! I expect to have just as strong a week coming up since I've started on the Warrior Diet! The tape measure, however, hasnt been showing much improvement in the last couple of weeks - which hopefully will change with the WD :)

The pictures werent taken at the same distance but you'll notice the 1> slimmer waist with definition 2> sharper shoulders 3> slimmer hips/thighs

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

:: Day 37 - Summary (Day 1 on WD) ::

Activities: 266 cal burnt, HRa 164, HRm 173
7am run: I don't run these weekly 2mile runs because I like it... I do it because it gives me an idea of where my fitness is. I ran a strong 22:40 for the 2.22 miles. Not only did I shave 3 minutes off my last time, I ran an extra 0.22 miles in that time -- woohoo! I'm SOOO proud of myself teeheehee

Breakfast: (Day 1 on the WD)
Vege and fruit smoothie consisting of: 2 carrots, 1 fuji apple, 3 pieces of broccoli, some ginger, 2 strawberries, crushed ice, swig of skim milk, 1 tsp protein whey. Honestly though, it doesnt taste as bad as it looks but it was sooo filling! I even convinced the husband to have 1/2 a cup :) Can you say detox? Crazy!!!

Undereating phases:
I prepared some live veges and fruits for me and Aylin to munch on and also some nuts for emergencies.
Carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, almonds (raw), cashews (raw)

Overeating phase: === at Derek's ===
strawberry salad with D's 0-calorie dressing

bruce's famous sauce with homemade pasta (there was no way to eat this by first separating out the protein!)
bruce's pizza
Pumpkin Cheesecake, warrior diet recipe


Monday, July 21, 2008

:: the harsh reality of the warrior diet ::

I went grocery shopping for the warrior diet today - and i had a minor panic attack. Am I really going to be able to pull this off? Eating so much raw veges and fruit? I'm not sure my tastebuds are going to like it but I owe it to myself to try - to become the healthiest and leanest I can become. My mum cannot be more thrilled right now - she's been bugging me to consume "8 servings of veges and fruits" per day. Your wish has come true, ma!

What I bought for morning beverages:
- ginger
- carrots
- fuji apples
- granny smith apple
- bartlet pear

undereating phase:

- english cucumber
- blueberries
- strawberries
- raspberries
- almonds, raw
- cashews, raw
- snap peas
- string cheese, organic and lite
- lemon
- green tea yogurt
- soy protein powder

Overeating phase:
- onions
- green onions
- spring salad mix
- spinach
- broccoli
- corn
- limes
- quinoa
- black beans

:: taking it to the next level - the warrior diet ::

After hearing about Susan's endorsement of the Warrior Diet , I decided to order the book and after reading it, both me and my coworker, Aylin, have decided to embark on the warrior diet journey. Frankly, I am tired of being anti-social and couting my calories. This is a refreshing change.

My favorite quote so far "Once you begin to practice the Warrior Diet, you'll find that your metabolism gradually picks up to the point that when everybody else gains weight during the holidays, with its big meals, you won't since you have been dining this way every day. What people call overeating during the holidays is actually an average meal for a warrior."

:: Day 36 - Summary ::

Activities: 496 cal
45 mins "no-rest" kb, 496 cal burnt, HRa 158, HRm 171, 910 swings, 280 snatches
double hand swings, 26lb = i
10R/10L snatches, 18 lb = j
for (i=30, i=i+10, i>=100){
for (i=100, i=i-10, i<=40){

Breakfast: 250 cal

Mini salmon sandwich, left over from night before

Mid-morning snack: 130 cal
2 egg whites, 1 egg yolk soft boiled + bovril 130 cal

Lunch: 253 cal
bok choy shirataki noodles with chicken and fish cakes (20+16+57+40+20=153cal)
kozy shack chocolate pudding 100 cal

Mid-afternoon snack: 30 cal
4 almonds

Dinner: 286 cal

small garden salad with 1 angelcot and drizzle dressing 100 cal
bok choy shirataki noodles with chicken and fish cakes (20+16+40+20=96 cal)
TJ's Fudge Bar 90 cal

Total calorie intake: 949 cal
Note: Last day of calorie counting

Sunday, July 20, 2008

:: Day 35 - Summary (Boston) ::

Activities: 400 cal burnt
43 mins treadmill morning jog on incline 1.0, 400 cal burnt, HRa 142 HRm 161
I'm so proud of myself that I actually did some activity every single day, even on my rest day! :) Definitely changes my perspective on staying in hotels with gyms!

Pre-workout: 40 cal
2 small bites of MIkee's omelette, 40 cal

Breakfast: === DIMSUM ===
Argh... another challenge during the out-of-town guests brunch. Help! I'm not sure what I ate in terms of calories but it was pretty controlled?

[we ended up stuck in DC for the night so we ate hotel food... which thankfully wasnt too bad]

Lunch: 460 cal

1 turkey breast subway 6" + honey mustard dressing 340 cal
1/2 dunkin donut 120 cal

Dinner: 670 cal

Barley vegetable soup 180 cal
2/3 cobb salad 300 cal
1 oz salmon 90 cal
1 piece of bread 100 cal

Total calorie intake: 1170 cal + DIMSUM