Saturday, January 31, 2009

:: Day 28 - 01/31/09 - Summary ::

Activities: Weekend run @ 5pm, 5.0 miles, 58 mins, 751 cal, HRa 172 HRm 181

9am: breakfast blend ... apple, beet, carrot, kale, strawberries, banana

random snacks for the day... Random samplings at whole foods. Wow, I've never had so many food tastings before. Go wholefoods!!!

main meal @ dinner

plump pea dumplings and healthy chicken/turkey dumplings

Note on the plump pea dumplings. I actually didn't have any ricotta or parm. DOH! So I ended up using cottage cheese and goat cheese. WOw, it turned out spectacular! Very rich!

:: MJ Meal Plan 01/31 - 02/06 ::

It's all Heidi this week!

Plump pea dumplings and turkey dumplings

Giant Chipotle White Beans

Orange pan glazed tofu served on wheat berries

10-minute couscous soup

Crusty and Creamy White Beans
Garlicky Greens

Spinach Rice Gratin Recipe

Edamame Soup Recipe

Friday, January 30, 2009

:: Day 27 - 01/30/09 - Summary ::

Activities: i am SO running today. And I did!!! Despite starting the day at 4am. Now that's resolve!
5pm, 4.0 miles, 44 mins, 559 cal, HRa 173, HRm 185

8am: Morning blend. No more persimmons... bawllll

Snacks for the day: almonds, brazil nuts, raisin, dried pineapple, apples

main meal @ home
carrot soup, leftover millet, breakfast omelette with spinach, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.

Oh and Mikee brought back a delicious chocolate pudding pie from Tahoe. I ate half of it. Surprisingly I didnt feel too sick. I think I was actually really hungry at 10pm when he got back home.

:: eat organic, live organic ::

It's so expensive... to do the right thing. After reading the book "never be sick again" I've been convinced that in order to not fall sick, I need to not only eat non-toxins but also live in an environment toxins. Considering we spend 1/3s of our lives on our beds, I really feel we need an organic mattress. The regular mattress is just coated with too much crap. After doing research I've realized that we cannot afford it yet. It sucks.

One of my favorite clothing brands is Nau. They make high performance clothing made out of recycled material or organic cotton. Very very cutting edge stuff. On top of that, their design is just impeccable. But because their prices are high, I've only been able to afford one clearance item in the past. But... came across this coupon yesterday thanks to my friend Susie. I must share with you: 40% off-the-grid coupon (including sale items) that will expire tmrw. Good luck! Coupon code: OTGSPECIAL

Even after the 40% discount, I still could not bear to drop $100++ on this jacket, Urbane, that i've been eyeing since the birth of Nau.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

:: Day 26 - 01/29/09 - Summary ::

Activities: I really want to run but today is packed....

Morning blend:
Usual + persimmon. I'm serious but this is my very last persimmon. So sad.... It's been a good run, my friend!

Snacks for the day:
2 lunchbox size fuji apples, bunch of nuts, seeds, fruit

2pm: We had two birthdays at work today. Had a sampling of some cakes from satura cakes. Argh, I feel sick now. Seriously. My resolve is weak... I know the exact outcome, but I do it anyways because the flesh(tongue) is weak... Just for that momentary pleasure.

Main meal @ small group

Salad, cucumber, small portion of Mushroom Brown Rice Casserole + some of Effie's delightful Monkey Cake!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:: Day 25 - 01/28/09 - Green Day Summary ::

Activities: Either a running or KB at home...

Morning blend sans carrots. Oops, I ran out!

Random snacks:
Nuts, seeds, banana

Main meal @ home
Creamy Carrot Soup, Millet cauliflower and green salad


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

:: dirty girl ::

So... I've kinda stopped cleansing my face. I've noticed in the past 6 months that my skin has improved alot. No more breakouts or white heads. My face looks resilient and feels supple and smooth. I rarely feel the need to use any facial products. Except when I use makeup, again rare. I've also weaned off SPF because I'm rarely in the sun anyways. Plus I'm one of those people that just don't burn.

I kinda want to see a dermatologist just to make sure the skin is A-OK. It can't be bad that I'm feeding my skin from the inside out with goodies right? I'm also wary that the dermatologist is just going to sell me more on products that I don't need.

:: Day 24 - 01/27/09 ::

Will try to squeeze a run in during lunch.

8am: Morning blend with swish of buttermilk

random snacks:
carrots, banana, strawberries, persimmon, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, hard boiled egg

main meal @ derek's
I'm cooking for a group of 8 tonight but I started this morning super sizing Heidi Swanson's Otsu. It's so easy and so healthy!!!

Paella!!! It was really good considering there was no seafood in it!

Oh and curious about mikee's daily intake? He usually has the same blend as me, some sort of homemade trail mix and leftovers in a bowl. Today's leftovers include food from Kabul, one of our favorite afghani restaurants.


Monday, January 26, 2009

:: Day 23 - 01/26/09 - Summary ::

Activities: Possible post-dinner run at 24 hour fitness

7am: Morning blend with broccoli instead of kale and a swish of buttermilk (notice how the blend is now a milky pink?)

random snacks for the day:
carrots, cucumber, banana, apple, seeds and nuts

Main meal @ Merit Vegetarian with Michiko

Havent tried this vegetarian restaurant but reviews look pretty good! And prices reasonable too. (update) it was REALLY good! I am so there!!!
Lotus Salad

Mama's Claypot & Vietnamese Crepe


Sunday, January 25, 2009

:: Day 22 - 01/25/09 - Summary ::

Activities: a SERIOUS kb workout with the 12kg. 60 mins, 704 cal, HRa 158 HRm, 170

8pm, 12kg KB workout
{1 min double-handed swings, 40
1 min 1/1 single-hand swings, 40
1 min double handed swings, 44
1 min 6/6 single handed swings, 44
1 min double handed swings, 40
1 min 10/10 single handed swings, 40
1 min double handed swings, 44
1 min 22/22 single handed swings,
2 min rest}
10 mins x 6 sets = 60 mins, 2016 swings

9am: two tablespoons of almond butter (its sooooo good!), green breakfast blend (not supposed to taste good, since the almond butter tasted so good)


Rather big lunch at Choi's Korean Kitchen. I had a tofu stew as my main entree.

Main meal @ home
Might be skipping this meal. Lunch is still sittin' in my stomach. Ended up eating a light dinner of butter lettuce salad with millet pancakes remixed, topped with dallop of mole negro sauce. It was actually quite the light meal!