Saturday, August 16, 2008

:: Day 62 - Summary ::

Activities: 751 cal
9am EST: Ok I'm supposed to be doing my 6.0 mile run today - gonna do it on the treadmill instead so I can watch Olympics. And I am currently dragging my ass on it, I know... (update)
I DID IT! 72 mins, 751 cal, HRa 150 HRm 168

12pm: ABC Juice (Ryan has a magicbullet!!!)

xpm: Carrot sticks, almonds

Main Meal @ Crystal Fountains Banquet (Cathy & Sung's wedding dinner)


Friday, August 15, 2008

:: Day 61 - Summary ::

Activities: 355 cal burnt
11pm EST: 30 mins elliptical trainer, level 13, speed avg 7.0, 355 cal burnt, HRa 148, HRm 163

4am: ABC Juice

12pm: 1 apple, handful of almonds

7pm EST:
Main meal @ Ichiban Restaurant with Ryan and Sue
Miso soup, Wakame Salad, Salmon Chirashi, 3 pieces of "sashimi pizza", 2 bites of rock melon, 1 dairy queen peanut buster parfait



:: Hah! Jennifer Love Hewitt does it too ::

I'm at the salt lake city airport and really anxious to share this info. On the cover 8of US weekly, states that jennifer love lost 18 lbs in 10 weeks. Along with calorie watching, her main fitness strategy is kettlebells!! I've lost more weight than her but her starting weight must have been much lower than mine. I know I'm gloating but she swings a 18lb hehe and I can swing and snatch a 26 lb!!! Nevertheless, a worthy effort, Jen!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

:: Day 60 - Summary ::

Woohoo I lost 23 lbs in 60 days!!! And I've also finally broken the 178 barrier! Not by alot but it feels great to move past that hump. The bad news is I leave for Toronto tmrw... sigh.

Activities: 521 cal
7am: HOC - ARGH I dragged my ass on this and never got started! I'll try to make it up later... I think i'm losin' the sizzle for double workouts.
630pm: Spin Class @ 24 hr (eProps to Susan, Iris & Mikee for keeping me accountable to this!!), 56 mins, 521 cal, HRa 144 HRm 162

8am: ABC juice shared with Aylin

12 pm: Egg Mustard salad with delicious goodness, handful of almonds

Main meal @ home
Raw vege soup, herby chicken oats, leftover veges rinsed in water (LOW SODIUM diet for the last week), organic cocoa rice crispies


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

:: Day 59 - Summary ::

Activities: 834 cal
7am KB: 100 swings, 4 TGUs, 4 windmills, 10 burpees, repeat, 45 mins, 380 cal, HRa 132, HRm 151 (OK I know I"m slacking!!! But that 26lb is so darn heavy these days!)
5pm: Turbo Kickboxing at 24 hour fitness, 40 mins, 454 cal, HRa 161, HRm 169, 40 mins (I was feeling kinda sick and stuffy all afternoon and decided to work it off at the gym. It might've worked?)

8am: ABC Juice + strawberries, 1/2 banana

x pm: cabbage salad with cantaloupe dressed with tracy rif's egg/mustard dressing (recipe here)
(ohmigosh, i LOVE this dressing!!!, ps i also substituted sugar for honey)

Main meal @ KABUL Afghani Cuisine (Mum's farewell dinner)

Salad, Stewed pumpkin, lawang, kadu, grilled salmon etc. I was good and loaded up on salad, veges and some protein and totally spared the rice. Phew.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

:: how much water do you drink? ::

So we all know drinking enough water is key to weight loss and healthy living. You can google all about it yourself. Am I drinking enough water? Certainly not... I'm here to share about a tool that I got that will help me keep track. It's called "milk bands" and is a nursing bracelet used by mothers to keep track of breastfeeding times. Genius isnt it? And now it will help me keep track of the bottles of water I drink! I dont mind being mistaken for a breastfeeding mum ~shrugs~ and if a guy wore it... I'd be thinking... "How sweet?!! He's helping his wife keep track! Awwww"

:: week 9 weigh-in ::

So... I'm currently in the lead!!! But it could be a false positive because... not everyone weighed in!

1st: JoJo (weighed in)
2nd: X (didn't weigh in) ===> my strongest competitor by far
3rd: Y(weigh in)
Honorable mention: Aylin (weighed in)

Man, Aylin is so rockin' this competition and I am sooo proud of her!!!

:: Day 58 - Summary ::

In the spirit of good competition, I weighed-in for the last week. I dont think I'm going to win - progress has been slow lately. My only hope is that other people are struggling with the same hump. Good news is that I lost 3 lbs overnight - Iris was right - probably the monthly cycles just screwing with my numbers? In anycase, I will feel utmost joy for whoever wins - because they deserve it. Just will feel sorry for myself! hahaha


7am: 3.0 mile interval run (90s jog, 45s run, 15 s walk), 28 mins, 281 cal burnt, HRa 139 HRm 156
12pm: Swing volume workout + TGU + Burpees - My dad got turned upside town and I didnt manage to do this. Man, the olympics are such a distraction!!!

8am: ABC Juice Plus, shared with Mum and Aylin
3 carrots, 1 apple, 1/2 beet, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries, parsley, swig of milk, ice

xpm: Kale Lemon salad with mung beans, radish and pine nuts, shared with Aylin

Main meal @ home
Raw vege soup, Mikee's Special BBQ chicken, boiled veges

Monday, August 11, 2008

:: For tickles ... ::

You might overhear someone saying this while in LA...

"I need to lose some weight so I can go to the gym... "

Sad, but true.

It's our first year anniversary and one of the cutest things Mikee got me is my very own pair of boxers! And it's imprinted upclose...Totally cracked me up!


:: Day 57 - Summary ::

I stepped on the scale with _much_ fear this morning. The dinners the past 4 nights have been too good, especially the one at ritz carlton. Sigh despite being good about undereating during the day + exercising, I gained like 3 lbs. I am so screwed. I dont think I've ever _GAINED_ this much during the challenge at all. But hey, one more week left in the sprint... Some things I am determined to do differently just to try and shock my body:
- Eat VERY clean and sparing all carbs and dessert, even at Toronto this weekend (One bite of Cathy's wedding cake and that's it!!!)
- Attend evening classes at 24 hour fitness to make up for bootcamp
- Focus more on cardio than on weights
- Pray for a miracle.

Activities: 1028 cal burnt
7am Max VO2 snatch protocol, 25 mins, 200 cal burnt, HRa 131 HRm 151
530pm 24lift class (this class was SO lame, total waste of my time), 45 mins, 270 cal burnt, HRa 114 HRm 148
630pm Spin class, 60 mins, 558 cal burnt, HRa 136, HRm 163

8am: ABC Juice, shared with Aylin
2 carrots, 1/2 banana, 1 beet, handful of blueberries, parsley, 1 orange, milk, ice

1 pm: bunch of carrot sticks, 1 nectarine, 10 almonds

8pm: Main meal at home
Raw vege soup (1 carrot, squash, onion, red pepper, celery, garlic, green onion, cabbage)
Blanched spinach
chicken stirfry with sweet potatoes
Steamed eggplants
A little bit of Mikee's BBQ chicken


Sunday, August 10, 2008

:: quintessential LA experiences ::

- Take a kickboxing class at a nice gym and be prepared to shake that booty
- Pinkberry frozen yogurt
- Shop at an outdoorsy malls
- Real japanese food
- The boardwalk
- Mother's Market fresh juices

:: Day 56 - Summary ::

Activities: 568 cal burnt
830am: Spin class @ Clubsport, 55 mins, 568 cal, HRa 149 HRm 166
Wow this was my first spin class ever... I LOVED IT!!! I'm bummed it's not offered at the local 24 hour :(
11am: Lounge by pool - 0 cal!!!

10am: Mother's Market Juice (50% carrot, apple, parsley, pear, pineapple), Miso soup, bites of Mikee's vegan breakfast

3pm: Low-fat yogurt, almonds, cashews

Main Meal; Dinner @ Mother-in-Laws (considered homecooked!)