Saturday, June 6, 2009

:: Jun 6, 2009 ::

Activities: 5.0 mile outdoor run, 51:10 (10:15 min mile), 592 cal

Lunch: @ Salinas
Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola

Main meal @ Bay Leaf for Markus Birthday
Gado Gado, Sop Bataria, Tempeh, Mee Goreng (no rice) (INdonesian food)


Friday, June 5, 2009

:: June 5, 2009 ::

Activities: Nada.

21-hour fast (9pm-6pm)

Main meal @ Korea House


Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: June 4, 2009 ::

Finally broke the 152 barrier. Eating clean is definitely helping! Pretty sure I can get to 150 by the Jun 10 mark.

Activities: 3 mile run, 29:32 (9:50 min/mile), 331 cal, ham string curls, bicep curls, plank

8am: 24 oz Morning smoothie

Main meal @ Daryl & Laura's
It's always good when we eat there!
Quinoa salad, lamb chops, 2/3 sausage, dessert

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

:: 7 - day lottery ::

In a bid to keep things interesting (and unpredictable), I have devised a 7-day lottery plan. Each morning, I pick something from the hat and I have to eat that way for that day.

1. Raw only
2. Veges/Fruits only
3. Morning smoothie + Main meal
4. 24 hour fast (7pm-7pm) + Main meal
5. Eat anything
6. Zero carbs
7. Morning smoothie + Main meal

Will try this week. Wonder how it will go!

:: June 3, 2009 ::

Activities: 2.0 mile run treadmill, 221 cal

8am: Strawberries

Random snacks: Raw almonds

Main meal @ Pho Queen with Effie
Grilled chicken, bowl of beef balls soup. Went easy on the vermicelli


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:: June 2, 2009 ::

Activities: Bailed on shadow boxing because of a little emergency.

7am: Morning smoothie (Carrots, strawberries, 1/2 banana, kale, swiss chard, OJ)

1/2 rotten apple, with worm (at least it's organic)
1 banana

Main meal @ home
Homemade mushroom soup, MIL's leftovers, some strawberries

1/2 jamba juice peanut butter mood

Monday, June 1, 2009

:: Clean Month of June ::

This month, I am practicing an extended period of discipline. The goal is not to indulge in any personal shopping for any tangible items for the month of june.
(Exclusions: Food for survival, gas, gifts, movies)

Since I've had a minor relapse for the last few days in terms of nutrition, I've decided to also include eating clean, mean and green in this challenge. No junk for the month of June. It's gonna be a tough one!

But I'm excited! :)


:: June 1, 2009 ::

Activities: 5pm 3.0 mile interval run

8am: Morning blend of blueberries, banana, carrots, rainbow chard

Handful of raw almonds

Main meal @ MIL's
2 veggies, 1 fish, 1 steamed egg


:: May 31, 2009 ::

8am: Scrambled eggs with chicken sausage. The craving for eggs would not go away!

Random snacks through the day: dried organic apple

Main meal @ iris
potato salad, 99 chicken, greek salad