Saturday, September 27, 2008

:: eating like a king ::

I eat darn well. Seriously, all the stuff I put through my body is only the best and freshest. As a Christian, it's so easy for me to live life the way I do and consume the way I do. God created all these wonderful vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains for our enjoyment and more importantly, to give our bodies goodness. I have so much goodness its incredible. God didn't create the hot pocket or the calzone or the instant noodles so it makes it easier for me to turn that down and instead go for something that was created for my optimum benefit. Thank you God for all this wonderful produce!!!! Thank God for farmers market!!!

In the words of Tracy Reifkind, I too have soup coming out of my years. Ever since I started making fresh chicken stock out of the pressure cooker, I've been making vege soup non-stop. Unlike Tracy, I don't really have recipes. I do start with the basic sauteing of onions and then I add in whatever veges I have. Today I used: 3/4 cauliflower, bunch of kale, bunch of swiss chard, japanese sweet potato (1/2), 1 carrots and 1/3 leftover serrano chili for some kick!

I eat well. Like a king!


:: Day 104 - Summary ::

Quick update: So Mikee hurt his back a few day ago. And under strict doctor's orders, he's not to run for a few weeks. :( Kinda sucks because for my own selfish reasons since this means I will be running the 1/2 marathon alone. But seriously though, I really wanted to cross the finish line with my other half. :( Now, it's not going to feel complete. Sigh. On a good note, I felt pretty strong on the 10 miler today. I stretched well when I got home and I'm happy to report no aches or pains. I will hopefully get to swing some of the bells tonight.

9.8 mile run, 1:52:16, 1272 cal, HRa 164 HRm 174. I picked up a hydration waist pack for today's long run but ended up only drinking 1/2 the bottle. It wasn't too hot but it was nice. The good new is that the Ultimate Direction Access Hydration Waistpack had a small pocket that fit my iPhone! It sat really nicely on my hips and I'm very happy with my purchase!

9am: ABC Juice, kashi waffle with organic peanut butter and hazelnut spread

10-11am random samplings at the sunnyvale farmer's market

homemade broccoli and sweet yam soup + piece of acme green onion bread

Main meal @ Cafe Amilia with some friends
I had side salad + angel hair pasta (basil, tomatoes)


Friday, September 26, 2008

:: high-school weight ::

So my high school buddy, Monica, fwded a link to a picture of me when I was about 15. Skinny huh? Not sure i want to look _that_ skinny but at least I know I was once slim!

It's me on the far right. Bad hair cut, i know i know. And i look mean huh?

:: Lucky in Mendo ::

Video highlights from our trip to Mendocino...


:: Day 103 - Summary ::

Activities: 5pm KB Swing workout
Nutritrion activities: I"m making stock as we speak! Got chicken feet, neck and back from WF for $1.49 / lb.

8am: ABCC Juice + 1/2 peach+ swiss chard and broccoli

Main meal @ home (Guest: Anna)
Raman's aloo gobi recipe, homemade veggie soup, steamed eggplant, brown rice fried in coconut oil, green salad with avocados and tomatoes
aloo gobi cooking...


Thursday, September 25, 2008

:: Day 102 - Summary ::

Activities: 5.0 mile run, 60 mins, 703 cal, HRa 163 HRm 171

8am: ABC Juice + 1/2 peach + blueberry flaxseed, shared with Mikee

10am: Random snacks at Janelyn's hotel room

12pm: Bowl of homemade swiss chard and cabbage soup

Main meal @ home
(Guests: Sampson, Derek, Mikee)
Bowl of Laura's Chap Chye and also bowl of Laura's Miso Tofu Salad with Sesame Soba. OH SO GOOD!!!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:: Day 101 - Summary ::

Oh the three books I ordered are here! I am so happy! More healthy living!

Activities: 4.57 miles, 52 mins, 621 cal,HRa 164 HRm 174
I feel not as conditioned as I used to be. Need to start swinging asap.

8am: ABCC Juice + swiss chard

12pm: Homemade Swiss Chard and carrot soup.

Main meal @ home
small salad with cucumbers, 2 pieces of chicken tenders, Laura's chap chye


:: Day 100 - Summary ::

8am: Get this... What a way to celebrate the 100th day - I had Birthday Cake Shake for breakfast!!! The first thing I saw when I opened the fridge this morning to get my produce was... left over cake. Like a zombie, I immediately decided I would have birthday cake shake. I pounded my vitamix with 1/2 a slice of cake, frozen banana and peanut butter. Oh it was so delicious. Ok, now I'm done with that and will not have cake in my fridge again until another birthday comes around. I'm gross eh.

bowl of salad sans dressing, cup of soup

Main meal @ Sushi Tomi (2nd birthday dinner with the girls)
3 pieces of white tuna tataki, small bowl of salad, miso soup, 2 pieces of saba shio, couple tbsp rice, some sukiyaki, green tea ice cream with azuki beans


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

:: 100 ::

100 days ...
- without M&Ms
- without sausage & mcmuffin with eggs
- without mcnuggets
- of loving life!

Monday, September 22, 2008

:: Day 99 - Summary ::

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! I'm gonna party like its my party!

6am: ABC Juice + swiss chard + 1/3 frozen banana + flaxseed

1pm: Mushrooms + spinach + 1 tbs wild rice

Main meal
- Surprise dinner at Saizo with all my homies!! yay!!!
Various assortment of japanese izekaya dishes. My fave was the spicy garlic edamame and curry karage
Dessert: Vienna's Blackforest cake!

:: Day 97-98 Summary ::

Day 97: Summary
Activities: 8-9 mile run through Mendocino Headlands Trail and Russin Gulch SP (Fern Canyon Trail)

Breakfast @B&B: Assorted fruit, 1 scone, 1 vegetarian quiche (everything homemade)
4pm: 1/2 quiche (homemade)

Dinner at Moose Cafe
Mushroom Tart Salad
Sole Filet
1/2 of chocolate sundae, organic homemade ice cream at Frankie's

Day 98: Summary
Breakfast @B&B: Assorted fruit, 1 scone, 1 vegetarian quiche (everything homemade)

Lunch at Negri's (Occidental): Zuppa, Salata and samples of Mikee's world-famous Ravioli

Dinner at home:
Brown rice, chicken broth

Sunday, September 21, 2008

:: Back ::

So I'm about 3-days behind but I'll catch up soon enough! Mendocino was awesome and we managed to complete a 8-9 mile run over 2 state parks on Saturday! Woohoo! My ankle is feeling pretty awesome! :)