Saturday, July 12, 2008

:: Day 27 - Summary ::

Workout: 26 mins, 281 cal burnt, HRa 148 HRm 168
I'm naming this workout "KBS" (Kicked by Susan). I woke up this morning with no intention of working out whatsoever since we are driving out of town for a wedding. But it was 5am so I really didnt have an excuse. And then I get a note from Susan gently telling me it's time to move on to the 12kg. Argh - she's right. I've been swinging the 8kg like nothing. So today is another milestone for me, I picked up my 12 kg, now officially named Annabelle, and swung for my life.
Double-hand swing workout, focusing on reps and 30s rest in between sets
50, 50, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 50, 50, 50 = 700 swings!!!!
Wow I outdid myself - I didn't think I was capable but kept going. At one point, the husband stood there pushing me on... 97....98...99...100!!!!
Thank you susan!!

Breakfast: 185 cal

2 soft boiled eggs, yolks removed 50
2 flaxseed toasts 100 cal
1 tsp ketchup 10 cal
1/3 cup soy milk 35 cal

Mid-morning snack: 120 cal
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Lunch: 275 cal

Tofu casserole 275 cal

Afternoon snack: ???

Roasted red peppers, Roasted zucchini, 1 strip of cheese, bunch of grapes, eggplant crostini

Dinner: 3rd night of eating out in a row! argh!!! Can I really count the calories? I give up.
2 slices of white bread, 3/4 ball of butter
Ruby Hill's Salad, vinegarette dressing
Duet entree seabass and stuffed flank steak
Charlotte & Mark's wedding cake from sweet passions bakery

You know what's more important than what you were served for dinner?... What you didn't eat!

I totally left the flank steak alone (before digging out the spinach filling) and barely touched the mashed potatoes.

I went all out for the cake but left the cream alone. TOugh, but I did it!

Total calorie intake: 580 cal + Afternoon snack + Dinner + Dessert

Friday, July 11, 2008

:: the spirit ::

So I found out the strategy of one of the guys in the lead for the biggest loser challenge. Check it: Eat only lunch each day, get plenty of caffeine (coffee) and nicotine (smoke cigarettes) to suppress appetite.

Er... so technically that is not against the rules of the competition, but isn't that kind against the whole spirit??? I.e. get fit and healthy? I mean, this pisses me off because everyone else is working towards a more healthy lifestyle and this guy might just win because of coffee + ciggies. I'll admit no official breaking of rules but I'm allowed to rant.

Thoughts anyone?

:: Day 26 - Summary ::

Today is a big day for me - it was the final day of the 4-week bootcamp which means we get to do a set of standardized drills to see how much we've improved. I dont have the image with me yet but it looks like i'm sporting a fitness improvement of 50-300% on varying activities! Wow! And last I checked the scale, there was significant improvement this week!!!

Activities: 676 cal
46 mins bootcamp 382 cal burnt, HRa 137 HRm 175
26 mins kb power mix: 294 cal, HRa 150 HRm 171
30 double swings, 10R single, 10L single, 10R snatch, 10R snatch, 10R pulls, 10L pulls, 30 seconds rest. {repeat}
My company gym is a GREAT place to work out! Mirrors, a/c, stereo options and best part, i can go during lunch!

Breakfast: 205 cal
2 slices flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 soft boiled egg whites, 40 cal
1 tsp ketchup 10 cal
1/2 cup soy milk 55 cal

Mid-morning snack:

2 angelcots 110 cal (My last angelcots!!! :( )

Lunch: 350 cal

Tofu Casserole 250 cal
Shirataki noodles stew 100 cal

Afternoon snack: 120 cal
1 kashi bar 120 cal

Dinner: == CHALLENGE == Ibby's birthday dinner at Flea St Cafe

Things started looking good!
1 single crab and trout cake

And I was good, ordered a super healthy 1/2 size cobb salad that was very lightly dressed.

Oh and the killer.... apple brioche bread pudding. This was when I decided, forget it - I'm not counting no more. Can i say... YUM??!?!

Total calorie intake: 785 cal + Dinner

:: SYTYCD Goodbye Loser Song ::

Anyone watch SYTYCD? I am a big fan. :) When you get voted off the show, they will show a video montage of your greatest moments and usually to a very cool song. This year they are using "The Greatest" by Michelle Williams. The song has not been released officially on iTunes, which is odd, but I found a seemingly free download here.

Today is the last day of the 4-week series bootcamp. But, I've signed up for a 2nd installment! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

:: moving the needle! ::

i went to anthropologie over lunch today and i was able to fit into an adorable Size 8 top!!! Best part? It was on sale for $9.95!!!!

:: Day 25 - Summary ::

Activities: Target 1000 cal
5pm Underworld Revolution KB Mix Workout 1 hr 37 mins 853 cal burnt, HRa 136 HRm 162
10pm Brisk Walk

Breakfast: 220 cal
2 slices flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 soft boiled egg whites, 40 cal (I just realized i've been miscalculating the calories of egg white!!!)
1 tsp ketchup 10 cal
2/3 cup soy milk 70 cal

Mid-morning snack:
1 banana 110 cal

Lunch: 300 cal
Shirataki noodles with fish cakes and bok choy 250 al
2 oz steamed sweet potatoes and chicken 50 cal

Mid-afternoon: 120 cal

1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Dinner @ Harvest Restaurant with Michiko: 450 cal

I must say I really liked Harvest - I was able to eat relatively healthy for cheap. i got mini chicken meatball sliders, but i only had half the bread. And there was a generous portion of salad on the side. I estimate dinner at 450 calories.

Total caloric intake: 1200 cal

:: 1000 calories a day? ::

I managed to burn 1000 calories yesterday by working out in the a.m. and p.m. I weighed myself this morning on my own scale and wow, the scale read 189.8!!! I am finally under 190! :) Not bad at all!

I've pretty much resigned to the fact that I won't win the competition but I still _wonder_ if I stand a chance by upping my workouts to twice a week and aiming for 1000 daily calorie burn?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

:: Day 24 - Summary ::

2.0 mile run: 25:27 mins 327 cal, HRa 170 HRm 177
26 mins bootcamp: 209 cal, HRa 129 HRm 150
48 mins kb: 482 cal burnt, HRa 147 HRm 164
Total calories burnt: 1018 cal (I decided at 10pm tonight that I wanted to burn 1000 calories today. And I did!)

1 swig of smoothie 30 cal

Breakfast: 340 cal

2 slices of flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 egg whites, soft boiled 120 cal
1 tsp bovril 10 cal
1 cup of soy milk 110 cal

Mid-morning snack:
2 angel cots 110 cal

Lunch: 440 cal
Sweet potatoes steamed with minced chicken, 240 cal
Veges 100 cal
Eggplants 20 cal
2 bites of a turkey cheddar sandwich 80 cal

Mid-afternoon snack: 120 cal
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Dinner: 330 cal
2 crackers 30 cal
Shirataki noodles with fish cakes and vegetables 300 cal

Post workout: 15 cal

1/3 bottle of smart water

Total caloric intake: 1385 cal

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

:: MIL's Steamed Sweet Potatoes and Chicken recipe ::

I read that sweet potatoes are good for me - high in dietary fibre and just ranks high in all-round nutrition. I bought a bunch but couldnt figure out how to incorporate it into a healthy dish. I e-mailed my MIL (mother-in-law), who btw is an excellent cook, for some suggestions. She then relayed the following recipe to by husband who in turn was able to translate the instructions into a wonderful dish! I loved it!!! It's going to be a staple in our home!

Get 6 small sweet potatoes (white inside), washed, skinned and sliced. Steam for 15 minutes.

Slice 10 oz of chicken breast. Season with: chopped green onion, chopped garlic, sliced ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil. Coat lightly with dust of corn starch and stir fry until just cooked.

Pour the chicken mixture into the steamed sweet potatoes mixture and toss lightly. Continue to steam for another 5 minutes and then serve with white rice or in our case, we used quinoa.


:: Week 3- weigh in results ::

Erm, I'm not in the Top 4 in another category. :( Trying very hard not to get demoralized... fitness continues.

:: Day 23 - Summary ::

I didn't touch Belle yesterday so I told myself I would punish myself today. And I did. I deserve it! And i decided not to be a wuss and picked up the 26lb. Dang, it's heavy. We did our mugshots today, wow, theres are two hollowed-out areas at the side of my abdomens!!! Could it be that kettlebell did this for me? I'm loving it!!! Now I just have to keep working on that front pouch of fat.

Activities: 46 mins, 480 cal burnt, HRm 158, HRa, 150
2 min double handed swing (16lb), 1 min double handed swing (26lb), 1 min snatches (R), 1 min snatches (L), 1 min rest {repeat until i am exhausted}

Breakfast: 385 cal
3 slices flaxseed bread 150 cal
1/4 banana 25 cal
ovalmaltine spread 20 cal
2 half boiled eggs with 1 egg yolk 150 cal
1/4 cup smoothie 45 cal

Mid-morning snack: 55 cal

1 angelcot

Lunch: 400 cal

1 1/2 oz quinoa 75 cal
tofu casserole with fish paste 275 cal
veges 50 cal

Afternoon snack: 120 cal

1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Dinner: 450 cal

Sweet potatoes steamed with minced chicken, 240 cal
Veges 50 cal
2 oz quinoa 90 cal
1/2 skinny vow 70 cal

Total calorie intake: 1410 cal


Monday, July 7, 2008

:: Week 3 weigh-in ::

This is supposed to be a "big" week for me according to Eric... NOT. I lost ONE POUND off the scale compared to last week's weigh-in. I am pissed. I burnt 4800 calories in tahoe - shouldnt that be more than a pound lost??? Anyways, i think this clearly means I will not be in the running for the biggest loser prize anymore. :(

In a bid to console my self, here are how the other measurements are looking:

1. I feel GREAT! And energized! The day after the big hike, my body miraculously healed itself and i was KBing 12 hours later.

2. Body feels tight and strong. The Mt Tallac hike was alot easier than what I remembered. I of course had the benefit of frank's hiking poles this time.

3. According to the tatama weighing scale with BFP measurement, i have dropped 4% in BFP. So perhaps I really am gaining alot muscle?

4. I can now do 20 snatches!

5. zipper is getting a little higher on the victory dress

6. I'm saving alot of money cooking my own meals and eating out less

:: 4884 calories to tallac and back ::

The hiking poles that saved my knees and gave me extra power on the up. I cant tell you how many people out there are using their poles incorrectly. I'm so glad we took that class in REI. I've never felt so much more power just from the use of the poles. Thanks Frank!!!

At this point, we're almost at the mt tallac peak. On the right, it's fallen leaf lake. On the left, it's lake tahoe!

We finally make it to the top of Mt Tallac, 9700+ ft. Go team! We burnt about 3018 calories on the way up!

Very interesting cloud formation we saw on the way - a sign of God perhaps!

me and my biggest cheerleader, my husband, Mikee. Look behind us, it's Lake Tahoe!

Almost back at the trailhead, we stop for a picture in the woods on the ridge. We burnt about 1800 calories on the way down. And because of the poles again, I was able to do some trail running.

All in all, what an awesome hike!!!

:: Day 22 - Summary ::

6am bootcamp, interval weight training, approx 600 cals. Forgot the trusty HRM.

Breakfast: 332 cal
2 slices of flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 egg whites, soft boiled 120 cal
1 tsp bovril 10 cal
2 angelcots 112 cal

Mid-morning snack: 56 cal

1 angelcot 56 cal

Lunch: 380 cal
1 tbsp quinoa 55 cal
tofu casserole with fish paste 275 cal
veges 50 cal

Afternoon snack: 90 cal

3/4 kashi bar 90 cal

Dinner: 340 cal
2 oz quinoa 90 cal
2.5 pieces of mini eggplant, prepared steamed 60 cal
1/2 corn 50 cal
2 small pieces of chicken 30 cal
1 chocolate pudding 110 cal

Total calorie intake: 1,198 cal

Sunday, July 6, 2008

:: Day 21 - Summary ::

Dialing things back down to normal...

30 mins kb in the tahoe woods - 303 cal burnt, HRm 167, HRa 149
double handed swings(30), single-hand swings (15R/15L), Snatches(progressive)
progressive snatches: 10R/10L, 15R/15L. 20R/20L, 15R/15L, 10R/10L I Made it to 20 reps!!!

grapes 30 cal

Breakfast: 366 cal
1 slice of wholewheat bread 110 cal
2 egg whites, 1 egg yolk 140 cal
random grapes and blueberries 30 cal
1 cup of non-fat milk 86 cal

Lunch: 477 cal
4 oz wild salmon, pan fried 250 cal
1/2 cu quinoa, cooked with touch of parmesan 127 cal
spinach, stir fried 30 cal
cabbage, stir fried 20 cal
1/2 corn, boiled 50 cal

Snack: 115 cal
trail mix 30 cal
crackers 70 cal
grapes 15 cal

Dinner: 380 cal

1 tbsp quinoa 55 cal
steamed tofu with fish paste casserole 275 cal
stirfry veges 50 cal

Total calories: 1338 cal


:: Day 20 - Summary ::

Activities: Mt Tallac hike 9.6 miles round trip, 3255 ft elevation gain
Ascent: 5 hr 11 mins, 3073 cal burnt, HRm 171, HRa 146
Descent: 3 hr 40 mins, 1811 cal burnt, HRm 158, HRa 132
Total calories burnt: 4884 cal
At the top of Tallac, feeling very accomplished

Breakfast: 480 cal

2 slices whole grain bread 276 cal
2 hard boiled eggs 140 cal
smoked salon, 2 slices 120 cal
1 angelcot, 56 cal

Lunch: 370 cal

1/2 smoked turkey sandwich 200 cal
1/2 chicken breast flaxseed sandwich 70 cal
1/2 beef flaxseed sandwich 100 cal

Snack: 160 cal
1/2 kashi bar 60 cal
Random trail mix 100 cal

Dinner: 1180 cal - The official reward meal
3 mini slices of garlic bread 170 cal
2 slices of nik's pizza 900 cal (ARGH!!!! No more pizza for me!)
1 chocolate pudding 110 cal

With our friends, Dylan & Hazel

Total calorie intake: 2246 cal
Just a gentle reminder before you judge, but I BURNT 4884 calories !!! That's like how much I burn in a week on physical activities!!

:: Day 19 - Summary ::

Activities: 49 min kb, 395 cal burnt, HRm 168 HRa 130
Learnt new moves from the Paval DVD and combinations swings/snatches

1/4 banana 25 cal

Breakfast: 345 cal
3 slices flaxseed bread 150 cal
1/4 banana 25 cal
ovalmaltine spread 20 cal
2 half boiled eggs with 1 egg yolk 150 cal

Mid-morning snack:
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Lunch: 350 cal
Subway turkey breast 6" 310 cal
Pita chips 40 cal

Dinner (carbo-loading) 700 cal
1/2 corn, boiled 40 cal
stirfry cabbage 50 cal
2 servings of lean turkey lemon fettucine with parsley and onion 500 cal
1 cup of chocolate pudding


Total calorie intake: 1540