Thursday, August 28, 2008

:: Day 74 - 79 ::

I'm traveling light this week, sans laptop, so don't expect many updates. It's 530am and I do have a 4.5 mile run scheduled but I don't think it's going to happen considering I have to leave for the airport at 7am.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:: Day 73 - Summary ::

Activities: 381 cal burnt
630am: 3 mile easy run with Mikee, 36 mins, 381 cal burnt, HRa 151 HRm 162

8am: ABCC Juice + 1 fried egg
Today I added one luscious ripe tomato to the mix and i actually really liked it! I think it evens out the broccoli i've been putting in it. Yum! I also had one fried egg cooked in fragrant organic raw coconut oil.

1pm: small salad (no dressing) + vegetable broth

Main meal @ Joy Luck Place, Family dinner
Comfort chinese food... not much to say here!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

:: I choose health ::

I havent really stepped on the scale much since the contest ended. Weight just isn't that important to me anymore. Health is. I recently read the book "Never be sick again" (strong title I know) but what I took away from that is that
a. I've been abusing my body for decades
b. my body hasnt been getting what it needs
c. I will probably die young (<80 years old) of some disease
I've made the commitment to choose health. So when I say no to that piece of chocolate, its not because I'm trying to maintain my weight, it's because it will have a significant hormonal and nutritional impact and throw my body into a state of chaos (R. Francis) There's only so much exercise can do to erase the mistake of poor nutrition and the consequences of some of our actions will echo in eternity.

p.s. Let me get down from the soapbox now. Confession, I'm not perfect. We are having a babyshower at work today and sweet passions banana cream cake is being served!!! AND we're taking some friends from italy out for dinner in the city... to burma superstar!

:: Day 72 - Summary ::

Ditzy reflections: I am a slow runner. Also, my new haircut doesnt really agree with my lifestyle. It's flying everywhere!!!

Activities: 642 cal burnt
4.5 mile run, 53 mins, 642 cal burnt, HRa 165 HRm 172
Funny, I bumped into my dentist twice while I was the loop. Very encouraged to hear she's training for a full marathon!

8am: ABCC Juice, Look at all that gooooodness!!!

2pm: Saida's baby shower cake, banana cake

Main meal @ Bar Tartine,
The Mission, San Francisco
We met Thuyvi and Pietro while we were all on a hot air balloon in Turkey. We're so glad we have kept in touch since and were thrilled to meet up with them tonight!
Tomatoes salad with cucumber

Guinea Hen

Almond ice-cream from Bombay Icecream


Monday, August 25, 2008

:: Liam wants to get fit ::

My friend, Liam, recently started a blog to keep himself accountable on his weightloss journey. If you have the bandwidth, please read it and bug him - we all know how important support can be!!!

:: Day 71 - Summary ::

Albeit expensive, i am a convert of using organic coconut oil to cook now. I know coconut oil has often be touted as "high in saturated fats" and therefore "unhealthy". But based on recent research, I feel that coconut oil is not only safe - but good for you. Check this:

Activities: 388 cal burnt
9pm: KB Max Vo2, 35 mins, 30 cycles, 36/36, 388 cal burnt, HRa 157 HRm 176

8am: ABCC Juice

various: Aylin's mum gave me these delicious choco-covered nuts from Turkey. i had a minor meltdown today and consumed a whole bunch. crap. I noticed that once i started on it today, it was soo hard to stop. I craved the sugary crunchiness. I should never let myself have "just one". FYI, this is my first major chocolate meltdown since i started on this journey.

Main meal @ home

I invited Dyl over for dinner and prepared: raw vege soup, thai salad with mango, stirfried broccoli, eggplant and tofu, chicken cooked in coconut oil and bragg's seasonings

The satisfied customer
(Dyl, your face looks slimmer!!!)

Oh and... I got a haircut!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

:: Day 70 - Summary ::

Turbo Kickboxing at a gym is the girl you wanna date but Kettlebell training is the girl you want to marry.

Activities: 265 cal burnt
11am: 2 mile fast run, 22 mins, 265 cal burnt, HRa 161 HRm 174
You're going to be seeing alot more running in the activities section in the next 2 months since we're running a half marathon in San Jose. For the off days I plan to supplement with KB. I'm working on my half marathon training schedule and will have something up in a few days.
2pm: Helping Aylin move back to Berkeley

9am: 1 apple, a few almonds

ABCC juice + 2 soft boiled eggs, dash of sea salt

I love ABCC JUICE!!! Can you tell???

Farewell meal @ SeaSalt with Aylin (Bye AYLIN!!! I'll miss you!!!)

$1 oysters @ Happy hour!

Heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozarella and siquil-P'ak (ohmigosh one of the most delicious salads EVER)

Fish & Shellfish Stew

Blueberry pie with apricot sorbet

Bye Aylin!