Saturday, May 23, 2009

:: May 23, 2009 ::

Activities: 7am 7.0 mile road run, 01:16:42, 11 min mile, 842 cal

9am: 1 banana, a few cashews, glass of OJ

12pm: Glass of naked juice blend from star bucks

Dinner @ Mediterranean Grill house with the Marquezes
Mixed grill kabobs, no pitas.
Small cup of frozen yogurt


:: May 22, 2009 ::

Activities: 3.0 mile speed treadmill run, 00:29:32 (9:50 min mile!!!)

7am: 1 banana
10am: 1 orange
12pm: 1 turkey lunch meat, slice of tomato, wrapped in a piece of butter lettuce, random fresh fruit

6pm: Main meal @ MIL's
Beef with eggs, Ti-Pang, Romaine lettuce instead of rice

Thursday, May 21, 2009

:: May 21, 2009 ::

Activities: 5pm 4.0 mile interval run, treadmill

10am: 1 banana
12pm: 1 orange

main meal @ Hoshi
Various izekaya style dishes, skipped the rice and ate up all the vegetables that were used for decoration.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

:: May 20, 2009 ::

Activities: 7am 2.0 mile test run on new shoes, 00:20, woohoo! 10min/mile!
(235 cal, HRa 159, HRm 173)

So far, I'm really liking my new asics evolution-4. They feel a ton lighter than my old New Balance. :)

Day: It's a fast... well sort of. I had a lunch meeting with my boss so ended up with some yogurt.

Dinner @ 8pm, courtesy of mother in law
A bowl of brown rice, steam eggs, fish

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

:: May 19, 2009 ::

Activities: 6am 5.0 mile run, 55 mins, 621 cal

9am: Skinny vanilla latte, 1 navel orange

12pm team lunch at Umbrias: Small prawn salad (no dressing), cup of ciopinno

Main meal @ home 745pm
I hate not being able to cook. Hate.
MIL cooked a bowl of rice, veggies, spare ribs, fried eggs

Monday, May 18, 2009

:: May 18, 2009 ::

We've been packing up our house non-stop this weekend. I am so tired. :( But, I hope I'll get a run in today regardless.

Day: Decided not to fast two days in a row. Had some fruit/yogurt with an omelette!

Main meal @ MIL's
Veges, Eggs, Chicken from costco


Sunday, May 17, 2009

:: May 17, 2009 ::

Activities: Not sure yet... still busy clearing out the wardrobe.

Day: 24 hour fast. (7pm-7pm) Yay - it was successful!

7pm: Break-fast
2 bowls of homemade asparagus soup
Smoked salmon salad
1 chicken sausage from farmer's market
2 strawberies
A few bites of red velvet cake, courtesy of Alice


:: May 16, 2009 ::

Today was a pretty bad day in terms of nutrition. I fed some guys for brunch and ended up eating quite a bit. I pigged out at MIL's as she continually offered me food. Argh. But I'm paying for it because Sunday has now become fast-day.

Activities: Nada. Packing up our home.

7am: Breakfast blend

10am: Various bites of bagel, smoked salmon, egg etc.

1pm: Klondike ice cream, Chinese pork bun

6pm: Various chinese food at MIL's (skipped rice)