Saturday, September 13, 2008

:: Ankle Deep ::

This morning I sent my mum a picture of my swollen ankle:

Her response: "Doesn't look swollen, but color appears different... bruised? Oh...please go for pedicure or just trim your nails." (has been updated because i apparently haven't reported it accurately)


:: Day 90 - Summary ::

Ankle update: Er... very swollen. Mikee got me crutches so we wouldnt put any weight on it. I fought him on it for awhile because I hate looking like i'm disabled but at the end of the day, I had to thank him.

Nutrition reflections:
It's one of those days I decided to "eat like a normal person". This is particularly important when we're spending time with friends especially since they will be leaving the united states soon. I basically had to chuck my philosophies at the door so i wouldnt come off as a nutrition prude. I feel the weight of my actions and tmrw I'm detoxing - live veges and fruits only.

Hobbling around Half Moon Bay on crutches. I also had an awesome 2 hour nap on Pomponio beach and spent the day hanging out with the Sihoes.

ABC Juice + 1 kashi blueberry waffle

1pm: Picnic lunch at Pomponio beach provided by the si-hoes.
1/2 chicken sandwich, various salads, chips, chicken fingers, fresh fruit, arizona iced tea

4pm: Shared dessert with Mikee and Sihoes at Moonside Bakery
1 carrot cake, 1 cinnamon crisp, 2 cookies (shared 4-way)

6pm: Dinner @ Santa Ramen
1 kurobata ramen split with Mikee (incidentally the best ramen ever), 1 piece agadeshi tofu, 1 piece karage, a few edamames


:: Palo Alto Moonlight Run - Race Report ::

We arrived early at the palo alto athletic center around 715pm and picked up some free goody bag stuff. That gave us ample time to walk back to our cars to deposit the goodies. Saw some familiar faces... Vivian and Lindsay. We geared up with our nifty headlamps for the night run and made our way back to the starting line.

We hooked up with Jen, MVR and also Liam (of Liam Gets Fit fame) and waited at the starting line. Since we knew we were running 11-12 min miles we promptly made our way to the back of the line. This is the route we ran:

Here's where it gets interesting... literally 2 seconds after we start, I step into a pothole, a huge one and i hear my ankle go "Snap". The worst thing that could happen during the race - happened to me. An excruciating pain shot up the entire right side of my ankle and i had to limp. At this point, I almost burst out into tears because the thought of not being able to run my first race was too much to bear. I urged the crew to head on without me while Mikee and I limped on - literally being the last in the race. The race official tried to get me to go the first aid station but i refused. Stubborness again. He held my arm and we wobbled for about 0.25 miles while I contemplated the cross-roads ahead of me. The throbbing pain was still there - but it was getting less. I could quit now or just try my best and see what happens. When the throbbing got down to a tender sensation, i decided to go up to a slow jog. With each step, I still felt it albeit it didn't "hurt". 0.5 miles into the race I decided - I will finish this. So we picked up the pace and off we went. I ran slower than I would've liked but I'm just glad we finished it and we didn't stop, not once!

When we crossed the finish line together, the feeling was incredible. Wow - Mikee and I just completed our first race together something that I would have never thought we would be able to do a year ago. This year has just been an amazing year of transformations.

The bad news hit me seconds after i stopped though - the ankle was hurting pretty bad and i was reduced to a limp. By the time we got back, the pain was back. We iced my ankle for about an hour but it was still extremely tender. It's 742 am now, and still tender. There isn't any massive swelling from what I can tell or any bruising so it cant be _that_ bad. I really hope I'll be able to run again soon and get back on my training routine. Sigh...

10k (6.2 miles), 74 mins, 12 min/mile. Bib #1895 signing off


Friday, September 12, 2008

:: Day 89 - Summary ::

Activities: Palo Alto Moonlight Run, 10k, 74 mins, 910 cal burnt, HRa 166 HRm 182

8am: slight carbo loading for run tonight
ABC Juice + 1/3 banana + 3 strawberries, flaxseed
2 eggs cooked with coconut oil
2 tbs brown rice

12pm: 2 tbsp brown rice

Jamba Juice "Peanut Butter Moo'd"

10pm: 2 bowls of brown rice congee with bovril


Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: eagle eye hits again ::

I've always prided myself as one of the best bargain hunters. And tonight, I made my mark again. I've always wanted a red belt and I found an exquisite one at Anthropologie - Genuine Leather - Made in Canada. And guess what, only $9.95 after 80% markdown. SCORE!!!!


:: Day 88 - Summary ::

Activities: None - decided to rest up for the 10k run tmrw. I am doing the Palo Alto Moonlight Run! First race ever!

8am: ABC Juice
instead of regular bananas, i used 1/3 frozen banana and ohmigosh, it was delish!! I'm using frozen bananas from now on. Also, frozen banana tastes just like ice cream!!! without the guilt or calories!

12pm: Chicken broth + yogurt/granola

Main meal @ Pizza Chicago

Mikee's friend, Prashanth, is visiting from India and he is totally craving Deepdish Pizza. I couldnt turn down his request - or didnt have the heart to. So we went, and I ate responsibly - had a salad + 3/4 slice of deepdish.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

:: Day 87 - Summary ::

545pm Hatha Yoga class with Jen @ Yoga is Youth
It was a very relaxing class and I was able to do 95% of the things, which was kinda uplifting, but not as challenging as I'd like. Next up - Ashtanga.

9am: 1 bottle of odwalla natural banana and strawberry. I've been running late for work these days but i need to get back to making my own fresh beverages.

Lentil spinach soup

3pm: a few almonds

730pm: Main meal at home

Salad with rice vinegar dressing and tomatoes, pea sprouts, chicken, brown rice. Prepared lovingly by the husband - DELICIOUS!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

:: Day 86 - Summary ::

5pm: 4.3 mile run at permanente trail, 47 mins, 496 cal, HRa 158 HRm 169

ABC Juice shared with Mikee, the kitchen is back!
2 carrots, 1 small beet, 1 fuji apple, 2 small tomatoes, 3 strawberries, 1/4 banana

11am - 1 nectarine

12pm - small salad: Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, 1/4 banana, organic raw cashes, no dressing

Main meal @ Todai
Plate #1: 1/2 veges 1/2 sashimi

Plate #2:

Nothing like having a great meal with great friends...


Monday, September 8, 2008

:: Life Changes ::

1. I'm going organic. Sure it's more expensive, but I'm going to try and reduce the toxins in our home as much as I can. This potentially could mean new bedsheets and mattress but I spend 1/3 of my time on the mattress!

2. Loading up on fruits and vegetables. There are no shortcuts to nutrition and God's wonderful and thoughtful creations are to be devoured!

3. Read the label before I buy anything, especially food.

4. Being regular about exercise. We've talked about what our normal routine would look like each week - 2 runs, 3 KB sessions, 1 yoga (for me) and 1 aerobic class, our fave being spin right now.

5. Challenging myself physically. Each year Mikee and I will set ourselves a physical goal - that will require training for.

6. Taking time off to smell the roses. i definitely need to do more of that.

7. Be flexible. I havent given stretching much credibility but I think I will. I'm not going to be lazy about stretching anymore - AND i'm going to try out yoga.

8. Be infectious. I'll be vague for now on what that means.

9. Avoid sugar.

10. Giving my body exactly what it needs - like Manna from heaven.

:: Day 85 - Summary ::

27 mins tracy-style workout with 26 lb, 264 cal burnt, HRa 156 HRm 163
15/15 do-re-mi (what i call it), 10 reps, 12 reps, 15 reps

Our kitchen is out of commission because of the ants problem. Which makes it hard for me to prepare my delicious morning beverages etc. Cant wait for this to be over...

8am: Cup of Odwalla B-Monster

10am: Handful of raw almonds

12pm: cup of chicken broth + strawberry banana odwalla (supposedly all natural)

Main meal @ home
- Large salad with tomatoes, shared with mikee
- leftover chinese stir fry from MIL, with white rice too


:: More about me ... ::

I really like photography - and I do it as much as I can on the side to practice. I'm not very good at the technical side of photography but i really enjoy the creative side of it. I've had very good teachers - Chris, Dylan and even Mikee - but I still suck. The reason I know why is because during the outdoor shoot yesterday, I left my ISO at 800. HAHAHA. Anyways, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics...

Any my favorite one... the "Evil Daddy" shot! Mwahahaha!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

:: Day 84 - Summary ::

Weigh-in: I mentioned in a previous post that i"m not a weigh-in nazi anymore. So today I weighed in casually and was surprised to see myself at 170!!! Wow, considering how un-clean things have been (comparitively) I am still reporting progress in the weight department. Not to get complacent though, I am kind of behind schedule.

Oh and ant problems still remain...

Activities: 8-mile run as part of 1/2 marathon training. Gulp. Technically we never even really ran the 7. sigh...
WE DID IT!!! 1 h 58 mins, 1252 cal, HRa 155 HRm 173
Mikee was pretty exhausted from his day of KB + his 11pm ice hockey game so I have to give him map props for being such a trooper and holding a steady pace under the hot son!

Other activities: I brought my "squeaky" running shoes back to the store and they replaced my superfeet. Hopefully the squeakiness will stop.
Mikee also got fitted for brand new running shoes - turns out he's been running in neutral shoes when he needs stability! We're both so thrilled we ended up with NewBalance shoes.

1/2 cup of odwalla b-monster
1pm: Lunch at tai-wu with our Singaporean friends, Janelyn, KM and baby Kaela
6pm: Dinner #1 at the Benelis - 1/2 burrito + super nachos
8pm: Dinner #2 at Mother-in-Law's - bite size of homecooked chinese food, bite-size cake and ice cream

I FEEL SO SICK. I am never eating again. (Exagerating of course)

:: Day 83 - Summary ::

Activities: Not much except 9-2pm Team Rif Kettebell Workshop. Will blog more about this later!

Pictured here with Mark & Tracy... ** giddy ***

5am: Power ABC Juice (Included 1/2 banana + flaxseed meal) - shared with Mikee and Aylin

9am: 1/2 blueberry granola bar + bunch of nuts

12pm: 1/2 turkey wrap, bite of granola bar + bunch of nuts

3pm: blueberry granola bar + bunch of nuts

Main meal @ Sumika Grill + Carbo loading
We shared tapas-sized plates with Mikee's family: there was chicken karage, chicken skewers, beef skewers, tofu, shrimp cake, toasted rice, etc etc I also loaded up on rice since I knew I would be running 8 miles tomorrow.