Saturday, May 30, 2009

:: May 30, 2009 ::

Activities: 5.0 mile outdoor run (Focusing on minimizing vertical bounce), 591 cal burnt, 00:51:53 (10:20 min mile - fastest 5 miles ever!)

20 hour fast ... that failed.

We were at my sister-in-law's place and was fed with homemade scones and pizza. Argh.

5pm: Small meal with Mikee at whole foods
Mixed salads, veges, curry chicken


Friday, May 29, 2009

:: May 29, 2009 ::

Activities: Nothing unless I can muster a run after coming back from the city

24 hour fast, 7pm-7pm

6pm: 1 navel orange, sips of pear cider
Main meal @ 7pm at Zuni Cafe
Bread and butter
Gnocchi, Squid salad - shared with Aylin
Chicken baked for 2 (Second to none)
Flourless chocolate cake (chateau victorie)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

:: May 28, 2009 ::

Activities: 5pm crosstraining
10 mins sprint, leg extensions, chest press
10 mins rowing, squats, pushups
10 mins cycling, leg raises

6am: 1 cup of OJ, 1 piece of dark chocolate

8am: 1 banana

main meal @ home
Leftovers of veges, 2 fried eggs, homemade mushroom soup, watermelon


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:; the 1 year mark ::

Come June 10th, it will officially be a year since i started on the biggest lose challenge. And hopefully, I will be at the 50 lb mark. That will be a crazy day. 50lbs ... 50 lbs... i cannot believe it sometimes!


::: May 27, 2009 ::

Some good news, I'm blending today! We are almost in contract with a buyer for our home so I expect we can be less vigilant now about kitchen use.

Activities: 7am morning trail run

8am: Morning blend of apple, frozen strawberries, carrot, chard

12pm: 1 plum

4pm: random snacks at network launch at work. bleah. but all in the name of accountability.

7pm Main meal @ MIL's (I could really get used to this!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

:: born to run? ::

I'm not. I don't have any natural talent whatsoever when it comes to running. A question I have been asking myself lately is...Why do i subject myself to a torment of training for and running a marathon? Why don't I do something that I have natural affinity for?

I'm not sure. I'm a sucker? Sucker for pain? I used to be one of those girls in school that would do anything to get out of phys ed. I convinced my GP that the nagging ache I felt in my knee would prevent me from any form of phys ed and for four years I sat out in the shade reading while everything else ran in the field.

Today, I'm a whole different person. I get out of bed at 6am and I'm pounding on the sidewalks by 630am. I like the new me - even though my body was not precisely engineered for this. And I will complete a marathon, at least once in my life. Because I like the challenge and I like knowing that I can exercise discipline and hard work to get results otherwise unachievable.

And you know what - it's also for very practical reasons one should stay fit and be able to run fast and long distances. Ever watch those end-of-the-world movies? If an asteroid ever came crashing down on San Francisco, I wanna be one of those that can literally run for my life.

Not born to run, but definitely born to live.

:: May 26, 2009 ::

Activities: 5pm, 3.5 mile run, 00:34:24 (9:50 min mile!)

8am: 1 banana

12pm: 1 plum, 1 fuji apple

Main meal @ MIL's
Probably more good ol chinese food - 2 vege dishes and 1 meat dish, a tablespoon of rice.


:: May 25, 2009 ::

Activities: 4pm 3.0 mile run, 29 mins

12pm: banana hot chocolate

: Bowl of vege soup with beef

Main meal @ Derek's
raw Broccoli
panfried asparagus
grass fed arm roast


:: May 24, 2009 ::

Activities: rest day & semi fast day

Main meal @ SIL's
Pork chop BBQ
Sausages (Chicken apple)
cold noodles