Wednesday, April 15, 2009

:: Day 103- 4/15/09 - Summary ::

Giggles again... 153.4 :P. Nearing the 50lb mark, that will be a pretty crazy day!

Activities: I WILL get a kettlebell workout in before our trip. But other than that, I'm day fasting again. It helps being uber busy at work really.

20-hour fast, Main meal @ home with Effie
Leftover cabbage rolls, Kale/Chard Stir Fry, Tofu/Egg Scramble, Salad, Vege/Fruit Smoothie
Pecan Torte and Chocolate Ganache (Yes there's more!!!)


2.. said...

CONGRATS Jo!!! You did it !!!!

Hazel said...

boy this is HUGE!!!! congrats jo! the plan works :D

Jo said...

thanks guys!!!