Tuesday, June 16, 2009

:: Celebrating a year ::

It's officially been a year since I started on the biggest loser journey. As I look at my progress thus far (50lbs), I never would have thought I would be able to do this. For the past 8 years, I've tried many times to "diet" which always resulted in ... well, failure. So why is this time different? Why do i know for a fact, that I'm never going back? Why am I confident that I will be healthy for the remainder of my life?

Because now I understand. I understand that good health is priceless. And I don't ever want to regret not taking care of myself. Life is fragile and the body is not limitless, I have to do my best to preserve it.

I've also found a system that really works for me. I don't feel deprived, I am nourished. I don't feel hungry, I am strong. I don't feel like I'm losing out, because I look forward to every meal. I'm not greedy, I'm disciplined. Because I've never felt so good - how can I ever go back?

This year is one of the greatest years of my life. It marks the turning point one of the biggest conversion points in my life - like Paul on the way to Damascus. This is a brand new me.

As I roll into the next year, it's going to be another huge year for me. I'm going to train for and run my first marathon. Who would've thought I would sign up for a marathon. Nothing is impossible.

Hello, me.


mikee said...

Congratulations babe!!! I am so impressed with your perservance, enthusiasm and drive to get you to today. Now I need to try to keep up!

Derek said...

Huzza! praise God for the transformed you!

Speed 10 said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

Amberle said...

You look amazing, heartfelt congratulations. A really big thumbs up. I am still struggling to find the motivation so I am really genuinely impressed.

Natalie said...

JB I'm SO proud of you. You look amazing and about 10 years younger. And I'm so inspired by you. C'mon Ubud!

Anonymous said...

jo, congrats on sooo much great work and persistence! you look fabulous, and by seeing your work load, its obvious you're feeling fab too!

im experiencing what you touched on in your post. im eating healthy but not being deprived i believe is increasing my strength and endurance. im not a calorie restriction kind of person, and i had heard that IFing could give you the benefits of CR, without actual CR. it seems it works that way, so far so good. thank you so much for your story!

Angela said...

Congrats Jo, you look FABULOUS! Let's celebrate together some time, haven't seen you & Mikee for ages. Call us when you're settled, or want to go grab sushi! Lots of good stuff in San Mateo here :)