Thursday, July 30, 2009

still here

still here. still here.

still running and training. still fasting intermittently. still drinking green smoothies. still eating clean. :)

I'm back at a 149 and I can only go down from here. The last 2 weeks have been crazy... we put an offer on a house, got accepted and in 2 weeks will close. After that it will be more weeks of painting and getting our home together so don't expect many updates.

Stay healthy, folks!!!


rachel421 said...

keep rockin' you! glad to hear you are still going strong. safe to say the "warrior diet" isnt actually a diet for you, but your Way Of Eating for life.

Jo said...

Totally! I really don't see myself as a dieter.

A friend was just telling me that she only lives once and will not be able to eat like me because she needs to enjoy food. But I'm like... I enjoy food!!! And I only live once, therefore i want to live LONG and disease- free! :)