Friday, January 8, 2010

:: whats the plan right? ::

well firstly I must say, I've did well the last 3 days. Just by eating clean (no junk), I am now down to 155. Feeling good that i'm heading in the right direction.

I'm not a great blogger anymore... I'm just so heavily dependent on my iphone that I can it much inertia to pull up my laptop and write an entry. I've gone through weekends where my macbook just stayed in my backpack. Sad huh? I'm going to try and find a blogger app on my iphone so I can continue to be a good blogger.

And yes a plan is required for the goal -

I've heard from many professionals. Great abs are 90% weight/fat loss and 10% exercise. I.e. if you have flabby, you won't see 'em. So phase 1 is focused on losing even more weight and getting the fat down. This means keeping the diet under control, no crazy binging. I'll be doing lots of cardio to try and burn more fat in Phase 1.

When i start to lose the fatty, I'll start to incorporate more ab-focused exercises in the routine. This is phase 2. The reason why i'm waiting for Phase 2 to do this is I can't seem to do too many things at a time. Gotta keep focused in each phase.

wish me luck.


mikee said...

keep it going. wow what a difference clean eating can make.

sctemplar3 said...

good luck!