Saturday, December 13, 2008

HIghlights from the past week

general highlights:
- running 5.5 miles!
- staying strong despite being surrounded by sick people
- gaining traction of side project
- eagle eye strikes again! Getting the perfect sherpa hoodie for $13 from jcrew after quadruple mark downs!

- finding the perfect shoes for my red holiday dress at payless for $17.99!

nutrition highlights:
- Heidi Swanson's crusty and creamy white beans were AMAZING!!
- Laura's Ragu Spaghetti was a hit
- Heidi Swanson's salt-kissed buttermilk cake was great, but Mikee hated the salt-kissed part. :(
- Back to soups for lunch! Loved the cabbage rutabaga soup!
- favorite juice mix: Apple, Carrots, 1/8 beet, persimmon, 1/3 banana, spinach

nutrition lowlights:
- yo yo ing on weight as usual. But i'm back to clean eating this week

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sctemplar3 said...

the creamy white beans were amazing indeed! i think i'll try it before the mushroom barley soup.