Sunday, December 21, 2008

:: lessons from hancock ::

So for those who have seen Hancock, you'll know that he's basically a superhero with an attitude problem who is not exactly the public's darling. So there's this scene where he rescues a guy who's trapped on an intersection on the train tracks... except he ended up causing extra damage to the cars and train with his poor rescue techniques. This scene persues...

Hancock: All of you people, blocking the intersection, you're all idiots.
Rail Crossing Crowd #1: You're the one that threw the dude's car at her. And what's with the train?
Rail Crossing Crowd #2: Why didn't you just go straight up in the air with the car? You've obviously injured that poor woman.
Rail Crossing Crowd #3: She's right. She should sue you.
Hancock: Okay. Well, you should sue McDonald's, 'cause they f***ed you up.

I think he makes a poignant point here. The root of the problem wasn't his rescue techniques - it was the people's poor decisions to block up train intersections. Same with the state of America's health today. Don't blame McDonalds, we only have ourselves to blame for consuming that crap. Make a choice today for your own body and don't blame anyone.

I thought Hancock would just be another one of those brainless action movies. But I actually ended up really liking it And another great movie i've seen recently is 7pounds. Wow .... but definitely should not be marketed as "the greatest christmas movie of all time". Go WILL!!!

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