Monday, May 18, 2009

:: May 18, 2009 ::

We've been packing up our house non-stop this weekend. I am so tired. :( But, I hope I'll get a run in today regardless.

Day: Decided not to fast two days in a row. Had some fruit/yogurt with an omelette!

Main meal @ MIL's
Veges, Eggs, Chicken from costco


clieu said...

are you moving?

hey are you going to do any hill training? wanna run the dish sometime? or if you're still doing mission peak on the weekends, can i tag along sometime?

Jo said...

We will move ... if our house sells! :)

And I really should be doing hill training and would love to do dish or mission peak. What's your preferred running day/time like?

Or you can email me on gmail!