Wednesday, June 3, 2009

:: 7 - day lottery ::

In a bid to keep things interesting (and unpredictable), I have devised a 7-day lottery plan. Each morning, I pick something from the hat and I have to eat that way for that day.

1. Raw only
2. Veges/Fruits only
3. Morning smoothie + Main meal
4. 24 hour fast (7pm-7pm) + Main meal
5. Eat anything
6. Zero carbs
7. Morning smoothie + Main meal

Will try this week. Wonder how it will go!


Angela said...

very cute! If it was my choice, I'd pick 1 or 2, if that means you get to eat all day those things :) Of course 5 is the best, but you'd probably feel like crap.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

excellent way to make fasting truly random and intermittent, just like ancient man. plus, a touch of whimsy to the routine. cool idea!

Jo said...

5 is a good way to shake things up and kinda give the body a bit of a scare. I'm not going to stuff myself silly though and who knows, I may end up eating like one of those other days. haha Crossing my fingers that it lands on a weekend. :P