Monday, June 1, 2009

:: Clean Month of June ::

This month, I am practicing an extended period of discipline. The goal is not to indulge in any personal shopping for any tangible items for the month of june.
(Exclusions: Food for survival, gas, gifts, movies)

Since I've had a minor relapse for the last few days in terms of nutrition, I've decided to also include eating clean, mean and green in this challenge. No junk for the month of June. It's gonna be a tough one!

But I'm excited! :)


sctemplar3 said...

yay! ooo, that's gonna be tough, depending on what you consider junk food.

Jo said...

It's easy to justify my way out of things you know but deep down, I know what is junk. And knowing what is junk, yes it's going to be tough! :P

Anna's Journey to get Fit! said...

Hi jo!

Funny to hear that you are going through the same house moving situation too! =)

You look great btw! (catching up on your posts!)

I hope your marathon training is going well. I just need to sign up for maybe a half marathon soon!


Jo said...

Thanks Anna! You're doing great on your achievements as well!

Your house has sold, thankfully, but still staging until close of escrow. But I've started to blend again in the morning so that's good!

Totally do a half marathon! Your life will be changed. And if you're running 3 miles 4x a week you have a pretty good running base already!