Monday, July 6, 2009

:: hello world, again! ::

Hello, world.

So we sold our home, closed escrow a little over 5 weeks after listing. Given the economy, I think we did pretty well. Yay!

Since then, we’ve been living off the good graces of our family and now crashing at my SIL’s while they are on a cruise in Alaska. Meanwhile, we’re shopping for a new home.

My nutrition took a crash landing during the last two weeks of house madness. I was constantly stressed and tired and definitely ate more than I should. Because I didn't have access to my own kitchen/produce, I couldn't control the quality and type of food I consumed. I didn’t think twice when apple cider or chocolate was offered to me – It was like I was a zombie. A toxic zombie. Our scale has been packed away for two weeks now so I really have no idea how the weight is doing but I don’t need my scale to tell me my body's not liking what I'm doing. Even with the house sale stress over, I started getting these nasty headaches every day in the late afternoon. A couple of times they were so bad I actually had to resign to taking tylenol (which I almost never do). After 5 days of continuous headaches, I (finally) got the message. It was at that same time that we got access to well stocked-up kitchen. So I instantiated Operation Clean Up. We started up on fresh organic vege/fruit smoothies every morning and cooked our own dinners. We fasted as much as we could during the day to get back to our primal instincts. This week is going to be pretty awesome – the fridge is stocked with goodies and I’m whipping out some health on a plate.

No kidding though – my headaches started to alleviate and yesterday, ZERO headache! I feel great. Now time to get back on track. I sprained my ankle on Friday so my marathon training came to a screeching halt over the weekend. But I'm over that disappointment and will pick things right back up again as soon as the swell is down to zero. I ended up doing a great kettlebell workout which was definitely less impact on the ankles. :)

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