Tuesday, July 7, 2009

:: the ultimate victory prize ::

Remember how I had the victory dress? And then I had the victory jeans? And then the victory wardrobe overhaul?

I've decided what I want my ultimate victory prize to be - a photoshoot, a no-kidding-around-type, serious pay-good-money photoshoot. I'll have to first get my body to a state where I just love it. And then I'm going to frame up my favorite picture in my bedroom to remind myself, every single day, of what I've achieved.

Somewhere in my fridge I should put up a picture of old me though. LOL. A conscious reminder of who I don't ever want to be again.


Hazel said...

Great idea!

sctemplar3 said...

nice victory prize. like your other two prizes, you def can't cheat. =)