Thursday, September 3, 2009

:: how's it going? ::

So let's see... Since we packed up our life into boxes, I haven't really weighed myself. I've pretty much downsized to Size S/XS/2/4 for my tops and M/6/8 for my heavier bottom. I'm still not 100% lovin' my body yet(a 6 pack would be nice ;)) but I still feel great. Completed my longest run ever of 18 miles last week as part of marathon training. Running hills regularly at rancho now. So I guess it's going well!!!

Here's are some recent pictures though...

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Adam & Susan said...

GIRL, you look great and happy!!! So proud of you!! You've got a lot on your plate these days...Congrats on selling your house, buying a house, training for a marathon and sticking to your eating plan!!! Travel safely!