Friday, September 4, 2009

:: of food at home ::

I'm heading home to Singapore today. It's been a 14-month absence and my family and friends have not seen the new me. I was so excited to showcase the new me that I even got my eyebrows threaded beautifully at an Indian Supermarket. Hey, appearance matters!!!

Instead of hauling back the usual See's Candies loot for gifts, I stocked up on organic spices, tea, granola, dried fruits and nuts instead. Organic is spelled e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e in Singapore so hopefully it will be quite a treat.

For those who know - Singaporean hawker food is not known to be healthy. On the flip side, it's one of the best and most complex tasting foods out there. I don't think I'm going to go crazy like I normally do - in fact I'm trying to figure out how to maintain my style of eating so I don't upset the body too much. (Thank you mum for loaning me your blendtec while I'm there!!!) So I've narrowed down what I will eat at the hawker centers which largely centers around my favorites:
1. The quintessential Hainanese Chicken Rice. Most likely boon tiong kee. (At most 2 times)
2. Prawn mee soup, without the mee(noodles). The prawn broth is to die for. (Once only)
3. A night out at a "zi cha" where I will order my favorite "hot plate tofu" dish and allow myself to some salted fish fried rice and black hokkien mee. (Once only)
4. Yong Tau Fu - quite possibly the healthiest hawker food in Singapore. (At most 4 times)

All other meals? Cook at home or find some healthy organic cafe ($$$). I can do this!

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Anonymous said...

Eat at Cedele. They have good salad & soup.