Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:: Day 149 - Summary ::

Sigh, while trying to sit on a chair yesterday, my foot slipped off the rolly thing and now my left ankle is sprained. When will the afflictions end? But Mikee stayed true to his promise and worked hard at KBs while I trained him. He did such an A-star job and I really look forward to training together more! :)

I spent some time reading the "whole foods encyclopedia" this morning and I am floored at how many whole foods I have not even begun to explore. ANd wow, the creator made all this for us, every single grain, herb, seed, fruit, vegetable - for us to enjoy and to nourish us. I must take full advantage of this. One of my goals is to try every single ingredient in the encyclopedia by end of next year. I can do it!

Activities: er... hopefully the ankle will heal soon. That being said, I'm at 162! Broke the 163 barrier! :)

8am: apple, carrot, persimmon, 1/2 banana juice blend.

1/2 bowl White bean soup, yogurt and granola

from 3-6pm: Random crap at the conference i was in. Bad, bad bad. you know conference food in general...
Main meal @ home
Leftover lentils, gyro wrap

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