Friday, November 14, 2008

:: Day 151 - Summary ::

Activities: Long day ahead... but last day of conference! I'm also covering photography for the conference and pictured here are my tired feet.

9am: 1 glass of berry smoothie from hotel, one whole wheat roll

10am: 1/2 glass of berry smoothie

Lunch: Tilapia, tuna sashimi, broccoli and beef salad, green tea ice cream, chocolate souffle. Yeah you heard me.

Tea-time: vanilla chocolate cheesecake

Main meal homecooked food. I cooked for 5 guys yesterday, they were satisfied with a totally vegetarian meal. :) I really liked how the phyllo pie turned out and it looked so cute, definitely a crowd pleaser! I tried a few mouthfuls but that was it - kinda felt sick from stuffing my face all day at the hotel.
Phyllo Pie with Lemon Tofu, winter greens and mushroom (Peter Barley)

Boston Style Baked Beans (Peter Barley)

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