Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: Holiday Anti-Weight Gain Plan ::

For both TG and Christmas holiday weeks
-exercise every day

On big-eat days (TG, Christmas eve, Christmas, NYE etc):
- ABC juice in the morning
- Starvation mode in the day with access only to a handful of nuts
- Big eat dinner starts off with a medium salad and then followed by 1-2 tbsp of each dish. I am allowed to repeat until I am full
- Avoid fillers like bread and mashed potatoes
- Dessert ideally should be shared and avoid the ice cream
- Say NO to leftovers being taken home except for lean turkey meat and turkey/ham bones for broth

On post-big-eat days:
- ABC juice in the morning
- Soup in the afternoon
- And soup and salad for main meal

Got any tips?? Please share!!!

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