Thursday, November 27, 2008

:: Thanksgiving Day! ::

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Activities. None. Rolled up in bed. Tummyache. :( But I did spend 3 hours this morning cooking for thanksgiving diner.

8am: 1 apple, a few macadamia nuts

11am: Bowl of clear homemage vegetable broth, few spoonfuls of tomato baked beans soup

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our contributions: Nikki's Sweet Potatoes Recipe, Firecracker Cornbread (Heidi Swanson), Tomato Baked Beans Soup, Golden-crusted Brussels Sprouts (Heidi Swanson)


italianlasagna said...

When are you coming back to cook a meal for me?? =P I can lend you my kitchen!

Jo said...

when i'm back, we can most certainly do a cookout!!!