Monday, December 29, 2008

: holiday season hiatus ::

So to be honest, I haven't made a dent in my weight goals for 01/29. I'm really screwed! Reflecting upon the past weeks, I must say that nutrition has taken a hit. It was not unexpected because of all the holiday eating + cooking. And also the weather really got me feeling pretty lazy although I've been sure to hit up KB workouts at least thrice a week. I hit some high moments but also had some low moments.

I wonder if i'm gaining more my muscle with the KB workouts? I dunno but I'm feeling pretty crabby today. I think I need to pay my friend the warrior diet an extended visit.

On another note, this was yesterday's breakfast blend. So delicious!!!

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2.. said...

Hi Jo, thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!!! I'm so happy you did post a comment because I think I can learn a whole lot from you!! I'll be sure to check your past posts to try some recipes and see what you went through.

Congrats on winning your challenge!!