Tuesday, March 3, 2009

:: Day 59- 3/3/09 - Summary ::

I had a relapse today. It wasn't even the usual PMS chocolate craving... crap was everywhere, and I couldn't stop. There must've been 20 peanut M&Ms in the lab I worked out of today. When I went to the cafe, instead of picking up the yogurt I said I would, I somehow gravitated towards a slice of cheese pizza (I never eat pizza!). When I got home, there was a bar of expired swiss chocolate waiting on the dinner table which I proceeded to have 3 pieces of.

I really do think that it's good to enjoy chocolate once in awhile, without any guilt. But today, I just lost it. Lost all self-control whatsoever. I'm utterly disugsted with myself and I've decided cut off the hand that is sinning. Look into my trash can, you'll see it. :P

On a positive note, my friend Chris and I have decided to register for the Nike Women's Full marathon together. If we get in, we'll run it. Registration begins tmrw 9am PST, Ladies! Let's hope I can actually maintain the 14:30 pace so that I can finish within the allocated 6.5 hrs.

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs

Daily snacks:
1 carrot, 1 apple, M&Ms, slice of cheese pizza

Main meal @ home with Manna Peepz
Barley and Bean Salad

Lively Lentil Soup

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