Thursday, March 5, 2009

:: Day 61- 3/5/09 - Summary ::

I officially signed up for a lottery spot in the Nike Women's Full Marathon yesterday. If I get in, it's meant to be. If not, no biggy. I figured it would be nice to check something off my list while I haven't yet turned 30! (Ok, I just really want that tiffany's necklace medal!)


4pm Kabata Workout

Morning blend: The usual...

Random snacks: Carrots, cauliflower, apple, almonds, apricots. Btw I recently read that Mark Bittman also eats like me! He calls it "vegan before dinner" which is pretty much the same as warrior diet principles.

Pot Luck @ Bruce's
I'll bring more wild salmon, salad and spring tabbouleh.

Also made a pot of armenian apricot soup (picture later)...

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