Monday, August 25, 2008

:: Day 71 - Summary ::

Albeit expensive, i am a convert of using organic coconut oil to cook now. I know coconut oil has often be touted as "high in saturated fats" and therefore "unhealthy". But based on recent research, I feel that coconut oil is not only safe - but good for you. Check this:

Activities: 388 cal burnt
9pm: KB Max Vo2, 35 mins, 30 cycles, 36/36, 388 cal burnt, HRa 157 HRm 176

8am: ABCC Juice

various: Aylin's mum gave me these delicious choco-covered nuts from Turkey. i had a minor meltdown today and consumed a whole bunch. crap. I noticed that once i started on it today, it was soo hard to stop. I craved the sugary crunchiness. I should never let myself have "just one". FYI, this is my first major chocolate meltdown since i started on this journey.

Main meal @ home

I invited Dyl over for dinner and prepared: raw vege soup, thai salad with mango, stirfried broccoli, eggplant and tofu, chicken cooked in coconut oil and bragg's seasonings

The satisfied customer
(Dyl, your face looks slimmer!!!)

Oh and... I got a haircut!!!


aylin said...

I miss your ABC juice. Must get a blender soon! =)

Hazel said...

see how vitamix smoothies have an effect on face-slimming? :)

Adam & Susan said...

cute hair!

Jo said...

thanks susan! see my latest post for the update on my hair

aylin said...

=( I'm sorry I contributed to the chocolate meltdown. You should give them away to everyone at work!

Jo said...

aww not your fault those nuts were so delicious! and i have myself to blame for poor resolve :P