Wednesday, August 27, 2008

:: Day 73 - Summary ::

Activities: 381 cal burnt
630am: 3 mile easy run with Mikee, 36 mins, 381 cal burnt, HRa 151 HRm 162

8am: ABCC Juice + 1 fried egg
Today I added one luscious ripe tomato to the mix and i actually really liked it! I think it evens out the broccoli i've been putting in it. Yum! I also had one fried egg cooked in fragrant organic raw coconut oil.

1pm: small salad (no dressing) + vegetable broth

Main meal @ Joy Luck Place, Family dinner
Comfort chinese food... not much to say here!


Hazel said...

i love tomatoes in juices/smoothies too!

Jo said...

according to my mum (who likes to rain on my parade), the tomatoes are not "activated" if they're not cooked. ... Lycopene, which appears to have profound protective effects on health, is better absorbed from cooked than from raw tomatoes. But still, its good for us right??

Anonymous said...

yup... i've been using tomatoes at least half the time in my smoothies... and i love them!

aylin said...

hmm, where do you get said organic raw coconut oil? I am intrigued.

Jo said...

wholefoods should have it!