Tuesday, August 26, 2008

:: I choose health ::

I havent really stepped on the scale much since the contest ended. Weight just isn't that important to me anymore. Health is. I recently read the book "Never be sick again" (strong title I know) but what I took away from that is that
a. I've been abusing my body for decades
b. my body hasnt been getting what it needs
c. I will probably die young (<80 years old) of some disease
I've made the commitment to choose health. So when I say no to that piece of chocolate, its not because I'm trying to maintain my weight, it's because it will have a significant hormonal and nutritional impact and throw my body into a state of chaos (R. Francis) There's only so much exercise can do to erase the mistake of poor nutrition and the consequences of some of our actions will echo in eternity.

p.s. Let me get down from the soapbox now. Confession, I'm not perfect. We are having a babyshower at work today and sweet passions banana cream cake is being served!!! AND we're taking some friends from italy out for dinner in the city... to burma superstar!


Take One Stripper Pole said...

I need this book ... sniff, sniff, cough, cough, hack, hack. :)

Jo said...

we all do!!! It's an interesting book because alot of it is "duh?" but yet we dont practice it in our daily lives. Good wakeup call.

Joe Sarti said...

Hey, this is wonderful stuff. The key take away is elimination of sugar. So my challenge to clients has been to see if they can eliminate (at the start) 3 sugar containing items.

Ray is deep, and has some strong views of which some may be a bit much for certain folks, but he is a very intelligent man and worth listening too. Remember he will be on my show Sept 10th, along with Jack LaLaine :-)