Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: Cow Face-Off ::

Last night, at approximately 7pm, the organic corn-fed ground beef faced off against the grass-fed ground beef. Here are the results...

Corn-fed beef was definitely darker in color. Grass-fed was much lighter, almost like turkey color.

The corn-fed beef had more texture and was "harder" while the grass-fed beef was much much softer.

I actually liked the taste of grass-fed better because it was just so tender and the juices seemed to squish out. I will say that one other tester preferred the organic corn-fed ground beef.

Organic-certified corn-fed ground beef $4.99/lb (costco price)
Organic-practicising grass-fed, pasture roaming ground beef $3.57/lb (Wholesale price)

I honestly could've eaten either and would have been fine with it but overall, I have to pick grass-fed. I do have to cook it at lower temperatures but I enjoy the beef more knowing that they were once extremely happy cows living in happy surroundings and being taken care of by Kim and Dan.

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