Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: Day 66- 3/10/09 - Summary ::

Activities: Not much. I'm now paying the price for running low on sleep over the weekend. I averaged 4 hours per night of "bad" sleep. My body didn't like it. I started to cough a little bit and yesterday night I decided I need to repay my debt big time. I'm taking the day off to pay off 9 hours of sleep debt, with interest. I thought it fitting that son of a grok actually blogged about rest today. Don't underestimate the importance of SLEEP!!!

7am: Cup of lemon and honey drink to soothe the throat.

8am: Morning blend made by mikee
blueberries, banana, kale, carrot, 1/2 apple

Random snacks at home:
Not much.

Main meal @ home with Sampson and Mikee
I've had beef two days in a row so wanna stay off for awhile.
Turkey Vege Meatloaf (own recipe)

Primal Cabbage Rolls

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