Monday, May 11, 2009

:: May 11, 2009 ::

So... I've been gone 3 weeks on vacation and I really saw no point in trying to maintain my food/exercise journal since everything was going to be out of whack. It's true though... the chileans/peruvians hardly have any vegetables in their diet at all! It was very trying to 'eat healthy' in another man's land, where every meal is ladened with papas (potatoes), but overall i think i did ok. Gained only 2 lbs phew. :)

7am 3.0 mile run, 00:30:00, 373 cal, HRa 168 HRm 181

Snack for day: 1 banana, 1 orange

1pm: Couldnt take it. Ordered some turkey meat loaf and broccoli. (sin papas, por favor)

Main meal @ home
Stir fry chard, leftover pork from MIL, eggs

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Angela said...

welcome home Jo & Mikee, looking forward to seeing pics!