Tuesday, May 12, 2009

:: May 12, 2009 ::

Today is a victorious day. I was putting on my clothes and realized that they were ridiculously large on me. There's only so much a belt can do. I decided to pull out my "victory clothing" stash of size 4s and size 6s to see if I got lucky. Yay - I fit into both the size 4 top and the size 6 pants! :) To be honest they weren't really victory clothing. It was the only size available at the anthro sale and I willed myself that I would one day fit in them.

530pm Run, 2.0 miles

Jen & Michael's celebration lunch at Xanh
beef salad, various appetizers, 2 bowls of clear soup

Main meal @ home
Tandoori chicken on a bed of lettuce with a fried egg (bisteck ala pobre style!)


2.. said...

Welcome back Jo!!! I'm going to email you for tips since I'm heading out in 2 weeks!!! Congrats on fitting into your victory clothes!!!!

sctemplar3 said...

yay! congratulations! =)