Friday, May 15, 2009

:: May 15, 2009 ::

I went for the hydrostatic fat test yesterday and I'm pleased with the results. I'm at 25% body fat. (This also means my digital scale is off by 5%) My ideal should be 22% but to really push it, it would be 19%. I'm going to set my final goal for 19% now and hopefully I'll get there when I reach 142 lbs. :)

Activities: 470 cal
4pm, 1.5 miles treadmill run, 16:20, 149 cal
430pm weights, 71 cal
5pm, 2.0 miles outdoor run, 250 cal

7am: Vege/fruit blend

12pm lunch with charles
lettuce wrap with tomatoes. (and okay, some of his garlic fries)

8pm Main meal @ DingSheng for inka trip pre-briefing briefing
Various dishes and I went easy on the rice. Finally got to meet 2 though!

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