Wednesday, June 10, 2009

:: oops, false alarm! ::

For some reason I thought the 1 year anniversary was today (June 10th), but it really is June 16th! Read the post from 6/18/2008. How time has flown...

Notice that my goal was to get to 140-150 by the end of 2008 so technically, I am 6 months late. But hey, better late than never! :)

Nutritiohn journey summary:
Restrict calories -> Reduce junk(Refined sugars, carbs) -> Eating naturally -> Warrior Diet -> Eating organic veges/grains only -> Eating primal (Why would you do this?) -> -> Intermittent fasting -> Reducing carbs -> Feelin' good! (Will post my baseline bloodwork results as soon as I get them!)

Exercise journey summary:
Bootcamp > Kettlebell training > Running > 1/2 marathon > Full marathon (10/2009)

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Anonymous said...

well, a congrats anyhoo, six day early! your tranformation is astounding...