Wednesday, June 10, 2009

:: Results are in ::

So i got my baseline bloodwork done yesterday and just got my results. I am not thrilled with the results but I can understand why it's the way it is. The last time I took my cholesterol, it was at 138. At that time, I hardly ate meat and focused on a diet of mostly veges (raw and cooked), fruits and grains. In the last 3 months, I ate a ton of meat (South america trip) and hardly ate veges at home because of our house being staged. I can't wait to have my kitchen back again!

The good news is that my good cholesterol (HDL) is up - YAY! Finally got it moved past the 50 mark. The exercise has paid off!

Cholesterol 195
LDL (bad) 132
HDL (good) 56

Cholesterol 138
LDL (bad) 82
HDL (good) 48

Will test this again 6 months after I get a kitchen back. If ever.

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