Thursday, September 25, 2008

:: Day 102 - Summary ::

Activities: 5.0 mile run, 60 mins, 703 cal, HRa 163 HRm 171

8am: ABC Juice + 1/2 peach + blueberry flaxseed, shared with Mikee

10am: Random snacks at Janelyn's hotel room

12pm: Bowl of homemade swiss chard and cabbage soup

Main meal @ home
(Guests: Sampson, Derek, Mikee)
Bowl of Laura's Chap Chye and also bowl of Laura's Miso Tofu Salad with Sesame Soba. OH SO GOOD!!!!!


mon1ca said...

hey girl,

i was just told about your blog. Congratulations on your win! Wish I was able to support you along the way. I was kinda too caught up in my own issues. I'm sorry.

I've recently restarted going back to the gym and i'm targeting to make it back to my 60kg mark.

Just a pic to remind you of the old days here

Keep it going!

Jo said...

MON!!! Hey there - how did you find out about my blog? How are things man - did you ever make it over the US?

re: the picture
Dang I look so gross but can't believe how skinny I used to it. But sorta looks malnutritioned too huh? Thanks for sharing the pic MON!

mon1ca said...

Aunty lai told me about your blog :D

Things were rough during the last year. Fell into depression and just kinda picking up my feet again.

Met someone else.
met him.
face to face.
moving to US soon. :D

re: the pic
i remembered u had a craze for short hair back then. and your fav food at that time was soft fries from maccas and anything that has lots of salt or soy sauce. I see that has changed :D Good work!

Jo said...

Hey mon, sorry to hear about last year but things have been looking up sounds like? Where in the US are you moving to? We should try to cross paths at some point!

ohmigosh soft fries bathed in salt... havent had that in awhile :D occasionally i'll miss the comfort foods but i've become more responsible about taking care of my body now. :)

mon1ca said...

NY state.
Not sure when yet. Still getting the visa thingy done. When i fly, i'm definite to be stopping over in CA so i'll make sure i bump into you :D

Taking care of yourself is good and i'm trying hard to do that myself. but the one thing i can't stop myself from...chocolates!

Jo said...

Yes - come and see me please! I'm at the northern part (SFO) :)