Saturday, September 27, 2008

:: eating like a king ::

I eat darn well. Seriously, all the stuff I put through my body is only the best and freshest. As a Christian, it's so easy for me to live life the way I do and consume the way I do. God created all these wonderful vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains for our enjoyment and more importantly, to give our bodies goodness. I have so much goodness its incredible. God didn't create the hot pocket or the calzone or the instant noodles so it makes it easier for me to turn that down and instead go for something that was created for my optimum benefit. Thank you God for all this wonderful produce!!!! Thank God for farmers market!!!

In the words of Tracy Reifkind, I too have soup coming out of my years. Ever since I started making fresh chicken stock out of the pressure cooker, I've been making vege soup non-stop. Unlike Tracy, I don't really have recipes. I do start with the basic sauteing of onions and then I add in whatever veges I have. Today I used: 3/4 cauliflower, bunch of kale, bunch of swiss chard, japanese sweet potato (1/2), 1 carrots and 1/3 leftover serrano chili for some kick!

I eat well. Like a king!


sctemplar3 said...

interesting colored soup.

Jo said...

yeah the swiss chard has a strong staining effect. I'm making soup today that will mostly be yellow!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I rarely if ever use recipes.....the recipes I post are my own, FYI It doesn't take a genius to make a bowl of soup, lol!

Where would someone find a stinkin' recipe for "Stem Soup"? No where! I made it up.

Jo said...

you are a genius me thinks! Would've thought about stem soup?? YUM!!! I love the stuff you come up with but i rarely have the same stuff in my kitchen so i have to play by ear. go soups!!!