Saturday, September 27, 2008

:: Day 104 - Summary ::

Quick update: So Mikee hurt his back a few day ago. And under strict doctor's orders, he's not to run for a few weeks. :( Kinda sucks because for my own selfish reasons since this means I will be running the 1/2 marathon alone. But seriously though, I really wanted to cross the finish line with my other half. :( Now, it's not going to feel complete. Sigh. On a good note, I felt pretty strong on the 10 miler today. I stretched well when I got home and I'm happy to report no aches or pains. I will hopefully get to swing some of the bells tonight.

9.8 mile run, 1:52:16, 1272 cal, HRa 164 HRm 174. I picked up a hydration waist pack for today's long run but ended up only drinking 1/2 the bottle. It wasn't too hot but it was nice. The good new is that the Ultimate Direction Access Hydration Waistpack had a small pocket that fit my iPhone! It sat really nicely on my hips and I'm very happy with my purchase!

9am: ABC Juice, kashi waffle with organic peanut butter and hazelnut spread

10-11am random samplings at the sunnyvale farmer's market

homemade broccoli and sweet yam soup + piece of acme green onion bread

Main meal @ Cafe Amilia with some friends
I had side salad + angel hair pasta (basil, tomatoes)

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