Friday, September 5, 2008

:: Day 82 - Summary ::

Activities: Rest Day

ABC + 1 celery stick + 1 pear + 1/4 banana + kale stems +flaxseed meal blended drink

I thought MIkee's beet-juice mouth was pretty funny! (he didnt realize at this point. mwahaha!)

Team lunch --- again
And they ordered... pizza... again.
I had 3 squares of pizza. No other option was available except skipping the meal but I made a bad decision, and went for it.

4pm: Chocolate Binge
while I was walking by one of the hallways, i spotted some chocolate. I suddenly remembered the taste of chocolate from this past weekend - and I went for it. The result was 1 kit kat + 2 reese's pieces. Will blog about this later.
Main meal @ Justin's house
We had a church meeting at justin's place. I had a foot long chicken breast subway sans the bottom of roll and condiments. Not too shabby. Oh and 1 cherry kitkat from Japan!

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