Tuesday, September 2, 2008

:: friend or foe? ::

One reason why I had been so successful in the competition was because I shared meals with people who shared the same values - Aylin and Mikee.

While traveling this past weekend, I noticed that not everyone thinks about nutrition the same way that I do. My friends mean well, they do - they want me to try the "best of toronto". God bless their hearts. But what ends up happening is that I have to fight a battle with myself constantly on what to consume and what not to consume. The "best of toronto" rarely includes nutritious superfoods like raw vegetables and fruits but consist mostly of processed desserts. I'm so thankful that my host had a magic bullet which allowed me to have my dose of fresh veges/fruits each morning.

Tracy Reifkind once wrote a blog entry about how it is important to hang out with people that value the same things that you value - especially in terms of nutrition. I disagree to a certain degree. While friends can certainly have an affect on my nutrition, at the end of the day, it is up to me to practice discipline and live up to my own ideals. Just because i'm a meat-eater doesn't mean I have to consider the vegetarian a foe. My goal for now is to think of gracious ways to turn down offers of food that are not in line with my nutrition ideals, without coming across as a bitch you know? There's no reason why I can't have a slice of cake at my friend's birthday so again, there's the balancing act. I can't blame my friends for poor nutrition just like I can't blame God for sunburn. Maybe for some people it means having to cut off unhealthy friendships but for me, I think I can do this and still keep my friends. My hope is that they will notice the changes in me, due to nutrition, and that it can spur them on to lead healthier lives.

==== evangelizing ====
FOr those that have known me for awhile, you will know that every year I get hit with a terrible cough. i'd be hacking all day, for hours with no end and sometimes it'd be hard for me to even talk. This would last typically 1-2 months. And 2 months out of the year is alot of misery. It usually is triggered by the common cough/cold. A few weeks ago I caught a cold which quickly developed into a cough. I've been "coughing" for 2 weeks now but wow, it hasn't exploded into the fullblown asthma attack yet, whcih usually requires me to be on a steady dose of steroids. I attribute this to just being healthier these days and my immune system is alot stronger than it used to be. I don't wish to medicate my condition anymore, I'm going to nutritionize it. I got to share this amazing story with some of my close friends in toronto this weekend. They are all aware of what cough can be like. So Imma keep evangelizing and selling nutrition to my friends. Maybe they'll convert one day.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your juice. Do you have a juicer? I don't, just a blender but I do find it hard to get all the veggies that I would like to be eating, I like juice but don't really want to throw away all the fibre, does it work to just put them in the blender, do you add liquid?

Jo said...

I think I've been misadvertising, it's not a juice, it's a superfood drink, with all the fiber included.

We have one of those powerhouse blenders that makes super smooth drinks. Yum!

And yes i always start by putting cubes of ice and a 0.5 glass of water. And then i throw in all th veggies and fruits. Hands down the easiest way to consume veges.

Take One Stripper Pole said...

What I would like to know is ... are you excited for this weekend?????

Jo said...

haha yeah i am. But i'm kinda bummed that i wont be staying for the sunday masters class :( the sat night accommodation was just too much for us.

i'll definitely write a post about it when i get back though!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

You know I will be totally looking forward to hearing about all the fun! :)