Friday, September 5, 2008

:: just because you don't see it, doesnt mean it ain't there ::

This morning I finally tried 2 pieces of the Ritter Sport chocolates that my sister in law gave us from Germany (since I was PMSing). They were pretty good, but as I bit down on the chocolate, I noticed some sensitivity on my tooth. Not good - Could it be possible that well focus so much on nutrition and health that I had forgotten about proper dental care? I tried to think about when the last time I flossed was... i couldnt remember!!!

I mean, I used to be nazi flosser - twice a day sometimes. Wow... I really need to consider that just because i dont see my teeth and that decaying doesnt contribute to weight gain, it is still part of the whole health and nutrition package. That would include other things too like skin care and hair care... and even nail care! Alright, I'm back on the flossing game!

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