Tuesday, September 16, 2008

:: Day 93 - Summary ::

Activities: Life is getting boring... but i'm definitely going to try and do some military presses today. Mikee measured the swell on the right ankle and the diameter is still 1.5 cm more than the left ankle... i.e. still swelling. Sigh.

9am: ABC Juice + 3 strawberries + 1/3 frozen banana + spinach + blueberry flaxseed meal (Shared with mikee)

bunch of carrot sticks, 2 tbsp of brown rice

handful of almonds, 1/3 frozen banana, limited edition orange brandy kitkat
(i realized i had one more orange brandy kitkat in the freezer and its my favorite flavor ever! At least I know its the last one and I wont be stuffing myself silly :) )

Main meal @ home

spring salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, dressed lightly with organic rice vinegar

Laura's chap chye veggies

Clear homemade chicken broth made in pressure cooker! (Skin removed and stil so much fat!)


zorka said...

i gotta say, your blog is fascinating! it must be a woman thing. i also very interested in what other women eat and how much they weigh! hahahaha

Anyway, it looks to me that you don't eat much carbs at all.. and hardly any sweet stuff . even breakfast is salty.

DO you feel that you are missing the food delights of SGP? I find it really easy to eat healthy here because i cook for myself. but back home (or even when my mom visits), i over eat! even if it hurts my now smaller belly, i can't help it!

if i move back to singapore it's fat land for me!

Love ching

Jo said...

Yeah I love blogs like these too! It also helps keep me accountable which is huge.

Its def true that I cut out sugar (alot) as for carbs, I do eat carbs during dinner time but mostly whole grains and definitely avoid stuff like white rice. I also get plenty of "carbs" from starchy veges like squash. Ok and I dont usually have salty breakfasts at all! Its a pretty standard ABC {apple, beet, carrot} juice each morning which is actually very sweet because of the apple.

I don't really miss the food delights _that_ much but I'm sure I'll have my fill when I do return. Part of it is that i dont know what they use to cook the stuff and most likely its something from china or really bad for me and i'm not willing to screw up my systems. It is hard to prepare healthy stuff back home too because no matter how good you are with your ingredients, its hard to tell the source of the produce. You might be feeding yourself melanin (plastic) per the latest news allegations :)

my mum is thinking of starting an organic farm in singapore actually - i'll keep you posted!

love, jo and good to see you here!

Jo said...

oh btw, my cooking habit (when i eat) is mostly influenced by "Warrior Diet" and the what i eat is influenced by "omnivorous dilemma" and "never be sick again". Worked out nicely for my lifestyle!

zorka said...

wow! organic farm! i'm on board (if i move back.. which is like.. i dunno)

In singapore it's so easy to forget about food chains and suppliers and just eat shite. Eat unhealthy GM chicken from malaysia, eat all the transfats from palm oil.. the list goes on and on.

and people in SGP have no concept that eating endangered species is not good. in fact, most people have no idea what is endangered or not. If it's available on the shelves, it must be ok. what blind faith in capitalism!

i have no idea what the warrior diet is about. a cursory search on the internet tells me it's about having one meal a day. Prob explains why backpackers are so lean and mean! hahahaha.

(i lost my weight by controlling portions, calorie counting and exercising.. no magic secrets for me! I eat healthy anyway so it's about the portion control)

Jo said...

Speaking of palm oil.. I dont think it's _that_ bad :P I actually use organic coconut oil in my cooking.

But in general, I have to agree about the state of mind of singaporeans.

calorie-counting is the way to go - thats how i started off. I went into warrior diet because i needed to lose even more to win the competition. But I actually found it alot less regimented that calorie counting because i basically get to eat whatever i want at dinner time, and ultimately i am eating less than what i used to eat while calorie-counting. After the contest, I find that i wanted to continue it. Mainly because if i increased the calories during breakfast/lunch i would start to feel sick! But the most important thing is _what_ i eat though. But you're right in that there is no magic secret sauce to weight loss: eat responsibly and be good to your body! Congrats on reaching your goals!

zorka said...

heya! so did you win the competition at work? BRILLIANT!

don't think i really had a goal. Ok i admit - i wanted to be as thin as i was in JC. but it was impossible,. but that was my unattainable goal.... so i haven't reached it yet. but then again i stopped really trying. I guess it's because i am quite happy with the way things are.

in any case, as a woman, one always feels that one could look better and more model like!