Tuesday, September 16, 2008

:: permanent diet changes ::

So I'm not sure if I would say that I am still on the warrior diet per se, BUT, my nutrition habits have definitely changed significantly since I went on the program.

1. When I wake up each morning, my body, mind and soul is 100% craving fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Typically a combination of apple, beets, carrots, greens will satisfy me.

2a. I don't really get 'hungry' over lunch but when presented with food, I will eat it. Especially if i'm out to lunch with a friend. But I tend to crave salads during lunch time. The thought of eating a full carb/protein meal at lunch time is very unappetizing because it leaves me sleepy and without energy.

2b. If I did eat lunch, it takes a little for me to get full.

3. I prefer raw nuts to roasted/salted nuts because it fills me faster and doesn't leave me thirsty.

4. During the day - I notice that i'm completely energized! I never feel the need for naps or anything like that and i'm always go go go. Even on the day I ran the 10k, I didnt need to fuel up substantially on the day of the race either.

5. By 3-4pm, I'm totally excited about dinner and what I'm going to have. I used to have to eat around 5-7pm but I find that if I keep myself busy by going to the gym or for yoga, I can actually wait it out.

6. Dinner is an amazing affair - it doesnt matter what i eat, even though i try to start with salads and veges... everything tastes so darn good!! I've also noticed that by the time I am done with dinner, there's hardly any room left for dessert. But I've stocked up on frozen bananas for dessert cravings.

7. By 10pm, I am totally excited about the morning vege/fruit juice that I am going to have and the cycle begins again. :)


aylin said...

So, do you still detox/undereat on the days when you can/when you have no social lunch dates/during the week at work...? Or, not as strictly anymore?

Jo said...

I try very hard to! It's hard when you're not around! :) But you're right that i'm less strict.