Sunday, September 14, 2008

:: Day 91 - Summary ::

Activities: Not much... still hobbling around in crutches. Mikee insists I need to rest until the swelling goes down.

My right foot is actually swollen now - might be from the compression wrapping all day? But it looks totally off...

9am: 1/2 cup of odwalla b-monster

12pm: greek salad sans dressing, cup of soup watered down with cold water (Daphne's)

Main meal with family @ Venti Pizzeria

1/2 strawberry salad, 1/2 bocce ball, 1/2 slice of pizza, gelato shared with mikee


Take One Stripper Pole said...

The swelling is most likely due to gravity. If you are up all day the swelling has to go somewhere ... and it goes to your foot. That is why it is important to stay off of it and keep it up ... and listen to Mikee!

Ryan said...

Are you regretting leaving Mikee's set of crutches overseas? :op

Hope you feel better soon!

Jo said...

hey! you remembered!!! :P